Have you given your Black friends $5 for Black History Month yet? If not, you are FAR behind schedule and third year Morris Martin is not afraid to let it be known. 

“Give a Black person $5, $10 if you are really serious. It’s Black History Month. It’s the least you can do. These Instagram charity chains can only get us so far. Give your money to a real person, who is right here in front of you. Give me $5!” Martin said. 

Black History Month is an important time to really express your love and gratitude for your Black friends and Black people, and one of the best ways to do that is simply by giving them a bit of money. Martin received hundreds of donations after simply sharing his Venmo on different social media platforms, posting it around campus and pasting it in his apartment window. 

He explained that the first people to see the QR code in the window felt especially guilty because they saw him cooking ramen for dinner. They came back an hour later with a home cooked meal and made sure to Venmo him so he could get a sweet treat the next day. Now, he stirs the same old ramen every night around dinner, doing his best to look sad in the window. 

“My mom is kind of suspicious of me now, she’s been asking where I got all this money to eat out. I told her people just love me,” Martin said, showing us his mom’s texts. “She’s happy she doesn’t have to send me money now, at least.”

As Black History Month comes to a close, Martin finds himself budgeting his new profits for the month ahead, working to make the money last. He plans on eating out at least three times every week, thanks to the non-Black allies of UCSB. As the last couple donations trickle in, it’s clear that Morris Martin will remember 2024’s February for a long time. 

“It’s that one extra day! I swear it makes this month that much better. Happy Black History Month and if you haven’t already, you are running out of time. Send me $5 right now.” Morris said. 


Fart Tent will Venmo you $5.