My bad guys, how was I supposed to know that the Super BOWL with a team called the Kansas City CHIEFS was not weed related? I mean that is just ridiculous.

You know, I don’t know a lot about football, but it seems like the perfect occasion to pack a nice bowl and relax. I played football when I was in elementary school but it was the type where we had those flags on our sides, and my parents made me wear those sport goggle glasses that were so ugly. Actually, now that I think about it, that was so humiliating. I often think about what it would have been like to grow up to become a collegiate athlete. My parents probably would have been so happy but instead I rip 2-hour Fortnite sessions in between classes.

I also have been trying to write in a journal more. I heard that writing down what you do during the day can help you remember things longer. I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast this morning. I’ve been watching a lot of true crime documentaries lately and it has been making me more paranoid. Like bitch you could just straight up swing on me with an axe even though we have been roommates for a year and a half.

Travis Kelce is on the Chiefs and I can’t wait to watch him play. I’m not a Swiftie or anything but it’s crazy that the Swifties only had to wait like three months for their favorite team to go to the Super Bowl. Imagine instead of the San Francisco 49ers it was the San Francisco 420ers. That would be crazy.

Thank you for being here today and being present with the thoughts on my mind. I’ve been taking yoga classes and I really think it’s helping with my grounding and being able to touch my toes. Rock on everyone.


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