Students gathered at the MultiCultural Center to learn about Asian cuisine from student leaders Stephanie Luong and Leanne Ly on Nov. 13. The two who showed attendees how to prepare both a vegetarian and a meat-based kimchi.

Stephanie Luong, a third-year biochemistry major and author of the “Asian Recipe Cookbook” pamphlet was inspired to share her recipes in an effort to encourage cultural diversity on campus and help students feel represented and capable of cooking their favorite cultural recipes. Luong focuses on encouraging cultural richness at UC Santa Barbara through improving food access and fighting food insecurity.
“By hosting this event, I was hoping to show students that there are amenities and resources available to them to make UCSB their home away from home,” Luong said..
In the introduction to her cookbook, Luong explains how she turns to food and cooking to connect with her cultural roots and her family, but most importantly, foster a sense of home.

Co-leader Leanne Ly is a third-year environmental studies major and is currently working as a food, nutrition, basic needs & health equity intern at UCSB Health & Wellness. Ly hopes to help students feel their best at UCSB by encouraging cultural representation and accessibility to traditional ethnic experiences.
“When you cook a family recipe, you are learning cultural traditions and connecting to your roots. When you share a meal, you are making connections and building relationships,” Ly said in relation to how food and the process of cooking can allow people to feel connected and integrate their cultures.

Luong’s Asian Recipe Cookbook explores Asian grocery stores and restaurants in Goleta.

“I hope that when you try these recipes, you’re not only cooking a wonderful meal, but you’re also taken back to your home — a place or feeling of community and inclusivity,” Luong wrote.