Faith Talamantez / The Daily Nexus

The Mario Kart soundtrack was introduced to me at the ripe age of 6 years old. As I raced through tracks like Koopa Cape and Moonview Highway, my focus shifted from playing the game to listening to the auditory masterpiece being played through the speakers. The beautiful compositions transported me to a better world, whether it be the relaxing sands of Peach Beach or the golden streets of Daisy Circuit. Even years later, the music still remains the soundtrack to my life. I walk to the beat of the Toad’s Factory and audibly sing the Moo Moo Meadows melody when taking notes in class. My life would be incomplete without Mario Kart’s constant rhythm repeating in my mind. 

Since 2010, I haven’t bothered listening to any new music (other than the more recent Mario Kart soundtracks), since I’ve already found the greatest trove of music. And the new music I’ve heard does not entice me one bit. I was surprised to hear the lack of synthesized accordion and plasticky steel drums in the Billboard Hot 100. I’d like to hear a Drake song with a fraction of the emotion that was poured into the Coconut Mall theme. When I’m out at parties, I normally make a beeline for whoever’s on aux and ask if they wouldn’t mind switching it to something more interesting and lively, like the Waluigi Stadium song. If they’re not into that, I’ll go as far as to request a song from one of the few “battle levels,” like the masterpiece that is Funky Stadium. If they still don’t comply, I have no problem throwing a massive fit and hurling insults at everyone.

The best was when my next-door neighbors fired up their Wii and started playing Mario Kart last month. I’d hear the different levels being played would yell out the window, “Bowser’s Castle!” They thought it was hilarious! I’d guess every level correctly, screaming out the name as soon as I heard it. What started as a fun game turned into an intense challenge for me, especially when they lowered the volume, closed the blinds and locked the windows. It became so intense that the police eventually got involved in the game, saying I could no longer shout Mario Kart map names across the yard to the neighbors in the middle of the night. Was I just too good?

I’m still waiting for the faculty to get back to me on my request for an official Mario Kart soundtrack course. I’ve already prepared the necessary course material and I offered to teach it, but I guess they must have missed 14 emails I’ve sent about it. Until they see my request, I’ll still be happily listening to my favorite tracks whenever I can. If you see me in the street, quiz me! It won’t take too long, it’ll only be about half a second before identifying the track. And the next time you hear someone whistling the theme to Mario Circuit in the library, it’s probably me.