UC Davis Chancellor condemns faculty member’s social media posts

UC Davis Chancellor Gary May released a statement on Oct. 19 condemning a faculty member’s posts on the social media platform X, calling the posts “revolting in every way.”

In one post, the faculty member — whose name and position were not mentioned — threatened “Zionist journalists” who “have houses with addresses, kids in school,” stating that “they should fear us more.” The faculty member ended the post with an ax, knife and blood emoji, CBS News reported.

“I absolutely condemn the posts attributed to a UC Davis faculty member that recently appeared on the social media platform X,” May said in the statement. “I find the comments revolting in every way, and I disagree wholeheartedly with them.”

“UC Davis rejects all forms of violence and discrimination, as they are antithetical to the values of our university,” the statement continued. “We strive to foster a climate of equity and justice built on mutual understanding and respect for all members of the community.”

May said in the statement that the disciplinary actions taken against the faculty member will remain confidential.

“The University of California system has specific procedures for the review of complaints of faculty misconduct consistent with universitywide policies and bylaws,” the statement read. “The status of complaints lodged against faculty members are confidential personnel matters, so we are unable to publicly comment on the steps we are taking.”

Former UCLA Chancellor Young dies at 91

Former UC Los Angeles Chancellor Charles Young died on Sunday, Oct. 22, at age 91.

Young served as the chancellor of UCLA from 1968-97, and was appointed at age 36 as the youngest chancellor in the history of the UC system, the Daily Bruin reported.

Young previously served as the assistant to the chancellor, assistant chancellor and vice chancellor for administration, as well as a professor of political science, at UCLA. 

“During his long tenure, Chuck Young guided UCLA toward what it is today: one of the nation’s most comprehensive and respected research universities and one that is profoundly dedicated to inclusiveness and diversity,” Chancellor Gene Block said in a UCLA Newsroom statement. “He faced head-on the many challenges of his time, and his principled leadership positioned UCLA to meet the many challenges of the future.”

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center to open research center focused on tobacco use

The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center recently announced that it will launch the Tobacco Cessation Policy Research Center within the next few months, The California Aggie reported.

The center will bring together researchers and community advocacy groups to work toward saving lives from tobacco use.

“The long-term goal for the center’s projects and research are to support efforts to expand into subsequent studies or generate new policy efforts,” Elisa Tong, director of Tobacco Cessation Policy Research Center (TCPRC) and internist at UC Davis Health, said in an email to The California Aggie. “Ultimately, we want to improve population-based cessation outcomes that will help fulfill California’s aspirations of an ‘endgame’ to end the commercial tobacco epidemic and help save lives.”

The center will receive $3.7 million in funding from the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, a research agency directed by the UC Office of the President, according to a UC Davis Health press release.

“This new center has the potential to significantly reduce tobacco-related harm in our state,” Director of UC Center Sacramento Richard Kravitz said in the press release. “As the University of California’s main hub for policy-related knowledge sharing in the state capital, we are proud to participate in advancing the training and dissemination aims of this grant.” 

A version of this article appeared on p. 2 of the Oct. 26, 2023, print edition of the Daily Nexus.


Alex Levin
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