1. “All ______!” - Mr. Conductor (“Dinosaur Train”)
5. “______ is the word” (Lyric recorded by Frankie Valli)
10. Quarrel is from the Cayman _______ (“James Bond”)
11. Rita Skeeter, James Potter, Sirius Black, Wormtail, Talbott Winger and Minerva McGonagall
12. Said while throwing paper into a trash bin
13. _____ & dangerous
15. Master ____
17. Ragetti only has one of this ("Pirates of the Caribbean")
19. Cellist
21. Disneyland landmark
22. “_______ Cinderella Story”
23. “Phantom: ______ Ops”
25. ______ is the new black
28. Joan of ___
30. Club of fairies that attended Alfea
31. “Dhoom 2” main antagonist’s first name
32. Bitsy spider
35. What L.B. 'Jeff' Jefferies did every day (“Rear Window”)
36. Jack-Jack (“The Incredibles”) or Boo (“Monsters, Inc.”)
37. Yellow legendary Pokémon
38. “Dhoom 2” main antagonist actor


2. Donnie Dion’s role with the Wildcats (“High School Musical 3: Senior Year”)
3. ____ Hathaway
4. Streetcar line that ran through New Orleans’ French Quarter until 1948
5. Tony Stark’s facial hair (“Iron Man”)
6. Good and ____
7. Color of Hester Prynne’s punishment
8. Mouse who owns a clubhouse
9. Married to the mouse who owns a clubhouse
14. Adam Sandler’s Murder _______
16. Adjective to describe Gabriella Montez (“High School Musical”)
18. Member of popular boy band
20. ___man
21. Zuckerberg’s job (“The Social Network”)
23. Woody (“Toy Story”)
24. Ferb’s lover (“Phineas and Ferb”)
26. “Stranger Things” actor
27. “Winnie the Pooh” character
28. “Pokémon Legends” game
29. Famous basketball movie coach
33. ____ Pitt
34. “And may the ____ be ever in your favor” - Effie Trinket (“The Hunger Games”)

Siddharth Chattoraj
Siddharth Chattoraj is the data editor for the 2023-24 school year. He was previously the assistant data editor and eventually co-data editor during the 2022-23 school year. He loves exploring the intersection of art and technology to discover solutions to new and existing problems. He also enjoys journalism, theater, marketing, running, and forming spontaneous plans with friends. Siddharth can be reached at