The Nexus will be updating this page with live results from the Associated Students Election, which will be livestreamed on Zoom, beginning at 4 p.m.

Profiles of all 29 A.S. candidates can be found here. The full preliminary ballot can be found here.

President: Gurleen Pabla (Storke Party)

Internal Vice President: Bee Schaefer (Independent) 

External Vice President – Local Affairs: Hailey Stankiewicz (Independent) 

External Vice President – Statewide Affairs: Marvia Cunanan (Isla Vista Party) 

Student Advocate General: Kristen Wu (Independent) 


  • A.S. Food Bank: Yes
  • Composting Program/Department of Public Worms: Yes
  • Educational Opportunity Program: Yes
  • Finance Board/Finance and Business Committee: Yes
  • Isla Vista Arts: Yes
  • A.S. Program Board: Yes
  • Trans and Queer Commission: Yes
  • United States Students Association: Yes

Fee Cancellation

  • Cancel UC Student Association fee: Yes

Constitutional Amendments

  • Nonpartisan Act: Yes

A.S. Senatorial Candidates

Transfer Senator (1 seat) 

  • Jay Schmidt (Storke Party)

On-Campus Senator (5 seats)

  • “Eddie” Shihao Zong (Storke Party)
  • Ehsan Varnous (Storke Party)

Off-Campus Senator (12 seats)

  • Granger Cruz-Brenneman (write-in) (independent)
  • Sohum Kalia (Storke Party)
  • Yael Berukhim (Storke Party)
  • Jessica Klein (Storke Party)
  • Avery Walters (Storke Party)
  • Alexa Grines (Storke Party)
  • Adam Majcher (Storke Party)
  • Jeffrey Adler (Storke Party)
  • Zachary Orsinelli (Storke Party) 

Collegiate Senator – Letters & Science (4 seats)

  • Tessa Veksler (Storke Party)
  • Mina Matta (Storke Party)
  • Faith Johnson (Storke Party)
  • Ava Gurwitz (Storke Party)

University Owned Off-Campus Senator (1 seat)

  • Nathan Lee (Storke Party)

International Senator (2 seats)

  • Xiaoyang Hua (Storke Party)
  • Boyi “Billy” Wu (Independent)

Collegiate Senator – Engineering (1 seat)

The position is unfilled.

Collegiate Senator – Creative Studies (1 seat)

  • Kellen Beckett (Storke Party)

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