Annie Nymous / Daily Nexus

Have you ever watched fruit sensory videos on YouTube? I think they have a very calming effect on a person. I think those videos are probably good for babies as well because it, like, encourages you to love fruit. I love fruit as any normal person might. I think you should take the time to watch some of these fruit videos if you get the chance. 

I’d also like to share that sometimes when I’m Not High, the way my vision works is so insane. When you were in elementary school, did you ever make those 3D shapes out of paper? Like, you get a paper that’s cut out in a weird way that can fold into a 3D cube that you tape together? Keep that image in mind. Imagine you had a huge paper cutout cube, before it has been folded into the cube. Now imagine yourself sitting on a chair on top of a huge one of those cubes, like you are on top of the paper cube. Then, in the little folded cutouts, imagine the things around you. So it’s like those little paper strips are portals into another dimension and that’s where everything around you is. Do you get what I mean?

I think if you asked the food service employee who works at the restaurant I just ate at (I put them out of business (I ate all their food)), they would say, “No, they aren’t high. Maybe just, like, really cool and unique and full of interesting ideas.” I am Chicken Joe from Surf’s Up.

I wish I could stay and chat more with you, but unfortunately I am hungry. This is actually really fortunate because I love the way food tastes. I also have to go because I am beginning to not be able to read. Can’t wait to see where my little feet take me today. Life is about journeys, and journeys is a shoe store in my hometown mall. I love you. 


Mary Jane thinking about fruit senses. The five senses, even.