As we returned to campus for in-person instruction since the COVID-19 pandemic closures, there were mask requirements and daily screening COVID-19 surveys that were implemented into our new norm of being a student at UC Santa Barbara. Despite this, we resumed daily activities and school events as we regularly would. 

To feature our Daily Nexus team of photographers and showcase these moments, here’s a recap of the first quarter back in person through daily life, sports and concerts.


This isn’t the bike traffic, but still some slight Week 1 madness on Sept. 29. Students walk through campus wearing face masks to class as required. (Sydney Haupt / Daily Nexus)


Men’s soccer on their 3-0 win against Westmont College on Aug. 21. (Pia Ramos / Daily Nexus)


Women’s volleyball against CSUN at the Thunderdome; 3-0 win. (Emmett Ruhland / Daily Nexus)


Women’s soccer against Cal Poly on Oct. 21. (Joshua Yepez Martinez / Daily Nexus)


Women’s soccer at Harder Stadium against Cal Poly. (Chris Puga / Daily Nexus)


Women’s basketball on Nov. 9 against LMU. (Maddy Fangio / Daily Nexus)


Men’s basketball season opener on Nov. 10 at the Thunderdome. (Joshua Yepez Martinez / Daily Nexus)


Men’s basketball against SF State on their 119-65 win. (Pablo Van Dyck / Daily Nexus)


Men’s water polo on their senior game day against Pepperdine on Nov. 13. (Joela Rodriguez / Daily Nexus)


KCSB-FM 91.9 concert featuring Coco and Clair Clair on Oct. 9 at Storke Plaza. (Ida Kazerani / Daily Nexus)


Wilco concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl on Oct. 20. (Maddy Fangio / Daily Nexus)


Denzel Curry performing at Storke Plaza on Halloweekend. (Chris Puga / Daily Nexus)


Doechii opens for Denzel Curry on Oct. 30 for Delirium. (Chris Puga / Daily Nexus)


Kyle Dion performs in The Hub on Nov. 19, hosted by A.S. Program Board. (Maddy Fangio / Daily Nexus)


The student section cheers as UCSB water polo wins 16-13 against Pepperdine on their Senior Day. (Joela Rodriguez / Daily Nexus)


UCSB student section led by the cheer team during the Cal Poly soccer game at Harder Stadium. (Pia Ramos / Daily Nexus)


UCSB student section at Harder Stadium before the flying tortillas. (Pia Ramos / Daily Nexus)