When Amelia Busenhart left home for college, she began making jewelry with treasures she found on long beach walks and ocean jumps with her friends. These tokens symbolize home and the mark of another journey in her life. However, there is more behind the story of why and how she began.

Amelia Busenhart, Santa Cruz native, sociology major and now a UCSB alumna as of fall 2021, is the founder of Cimelia Creations. She customizes rings, necklaces and earrings and has shared her passion for crafting while maintaining an environmentally friendly process. (Sydney Haupt / Daily Nexus)

“I’ve always loved crafting and I’m grateful for the ability to be able to use my hands. With anything, if I can make it or build it myself, whether it’s a desk or just DIY something, I [would] rather just do that,” Busenhart shared.

Busenhart sources her jewelry stones from various markets and fairs. She uses a variety of tools, including a blowtorch and sets of pliers, for her work. (Sydney Haupt / Daily Nexus)

As her small business grew, Busenhart has connected with organizations that her goals align with. One of her main goals is to make a meaningful impact in the world. She has donated to organizations like the Sunrise Movement which combats climate change while creating millions of jobs throughout the process. One of Busenhart’s sales was in response to the CZU Lightning Complex fires in which 100% of proceeds went to fire relief. 

In celebration of her small business’ one year, Cimelia Creations planted 50 trees in California through the nonprofit One Tree Planted. The goal was to offset all carbon emissions produced in the first year. In addition, they switched to “100% recycled padded mailers from EcoEnclose which is made of upcycled newspaper and recycled Kraft paper that naturally degrades in a few weeks.”

The process of making jewelry pieces depends on the item; Busenhart said earrings take her about 20 minutes, as opposed to rings, which involve a lengthier process. (Sydney Haupt / Daily Nexus)

Growing up, Busenhart shared that her mom traveled a lot and would return with souvenirs of jewelry for her. Aside from travels, when Busenhart reached milestones in her life, her mom would pass on a piece of jewelry that came from the places and people she loved. Today, Busenhart has carried on this memorabilia with her love for the ocean. 

“I never really wear makeup because I spend a lot of time in the ocean, so jewelry became that piece that I would wear,” Busenhart said. “It’s a way for me to feel good about myself, to feel confident and just be kind to people in the water, and I hope that’s how others feel when they wear my jewelry as well.”

A necklace and bracelet gifted to Busenhart by her mother. Busenhart said she finds inspiration going about her day-to-day life and will seek creatives from those who inspire her, like her mom. (Sydney Haupt / Daily Nexus)

Busenhart also emphasized the importance of supporting female businesses in a post she shared on Instagram: “By supporting women-owned businesses you are a part of the dismantlement of occupational segregation! You are putting women in a place of power! You are supporting the creation of a web of BADASS FEMALE mentoring relationships, training opportunities and a more equal distribution of women in the workforce!”

Busenhart often posts on her Instagram story, naming it “Shop my Story” where her followers are able to tap through the pieces and swipe up to message her about items that they would like to purchase. Her stories are up for 24 hours and are still visible throughout her Instagram page as highlighted stories. (Sydney Haupt / Daily Nexus)

To view Busenhart’s products and shop her business, visit @cimelia.creations on Instagram. Stay tuned for her upcoming website!

Busenhart shares how she is still figuring out her pricing since she wants to make her items super affordable. She says that she is not trying to think about the cost, but more so whether or not she likes the products she creates.