UC Santa Barbara created a mock-up version of Munger Hall — the proposed student dormitory designed by billionaire and Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charles Munger — in a warehouse in Goleta. 

The dorm proposal has gained national notoriety for its unique architectural design, which boasts windowless student rooms. 

The Nexus acquired photos of the university’s Munger mock-up through an anonymous source. The following photos show the individual rooms, shared common spaces and the built-in virtual windows as discussed in the Munger Hall design. 

The current design includes eight houses per floor, eight suites per house, eight private bedrooms per suite along with nine floors of houses. The 11-story building also has a market. 

According to Andrea Estrada, UCSB spokesperson, the university has had the mock-up built for years. 

“The mock-up was developed and funded a few years ago as part of the design process and to provide members of our community an opportunity to experience the design features in a way that cannot be accomplished through renderings alone,” Estrada said in a statement to the Nexus. 

Estrada added that the university hoped to make the mock-up available for community members earlier but that the pandemic slowed down the process. The university hopes to make it available for community members to see in the next few months. 

“​​The University intended to have it available earlier, but COVID-19 slowed the process and prohibited us from opening it to campus community members,” Estrada said. “It has been under development for some time and has undergone changes as the design has evolved. We are working to create a way for campus community members to visit in the coming months.”

Despite the nationwide criticism the building has received for its design, the university stands by the project. Currently, the university is preparing an environmental impact report which they hope will be done by Spring Quarter 2022. 

“The University is continuing to move forward on this critically important project that will provide more affordable on-campus housing options for our students with expansive amenities that are otherwise not available off-campus,” Estrada said. 

CORRECTION [11/15/2021, 12:01 p.m.]: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the environmental impact report will be released in Spring Quarter 2021. The article has been corrected to say the environmental impact report will be released in Spring Quarter 2022. 


Atmika Iyer
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