On the second day of pickets, students and faculty alike joined lecturers in demanding a better contract from the University of California. Organized by the University Council-American Federation of Teachers — the union representing non-tenure-track teachers and librarians — the picket served as a means to educate the broader public about the reality of being a UC lecturer. 

Most lecturers’ contracts are yearly or quarterly with a median annual salary of $19,067, and many lecturers have voiced concerns about job security and pay as a result.


Students and faculty march with members of the University Council-American Federation of Teachers (UC-ATF) under Storke Tower Thursday. (Mark Alfred / Daily Nexus)


Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo appeared on campus in a show of support for the union. In a statement to the Daily Nexus, Murillo described herself as “a pro-labor elected official,” adding that she tries to “stand with any labor unions that are struggling with their contract.” (Mark Alfred / Daily Nexus)


Lecturer Chase Hobbs-Morgan recounted some of his own hardships as a lecturer to students under Storke Tower. (Mark Alfred / Daily Nexus)


One student created their own picket sign at the UC-AFT’s table. (Mark Alfred / Daily Nexus)


Professor Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval explains the struggles of lecturers to undergraduates. (Mark Alfred / Daily Nexus)


Lecturer Branden Adams and his wife Amanda picket with their newborn son Mark. Adams decried the university’s lack of response to lecturers’ struggles such as low pay and a lack of assistance through the pandemic. (Mark Alfred / Daily Nexus)


“End Unpaid Work Now” has been a rallying cry for UC-ATF — the union representing UC lecturers. (Mark Alfred / Daily Nexus)


Lecturer Brian Donnelly speaks to a crowd of faculty and students. (Mark Alfred / Daily Nexus)


Sheila Kulkarni — graduate student advisor — rallies marchers with speeches and chants such as “whose university? Our university!” (Mark Alfred / Daily Nexus)

Mark Alfred
Mark Alfred (he/him) was the University News Editor for the 2022-23 school year.