The University of California released the admissions data for the incoming class of freshmen on July 19, revealing that UC Santa Barbara’s number of admitted students this year decreased from Fall Quarter 2020. 

The data shows that Asians remain the largest ethnic group admitted among in-state students into UCSB. Chicanx/Latinx students make up the second-largest group admitted to UCSB, despite there being a dip in admittance numbers from Fall Quarter 2020. White/Caucasian people make up the third-largest group of admitted students, with a 2% decrease from Fall Quarter 2020. 

Throughout the entire UC system, all UC schools saw an increase in admissions between 2019 and 2020. Between 2020 and 2021, most schools had similar admission numbers compared to 2020, with two notable exceptions being UC Los Angeles and UCSB.  

Within the whole UC system, Chicanx/Latinx groups have the highest number of in-state admissions from the incoming class. Admission rates amongst Asian, white and Black students have stayed relatively constant at 34%, 20% and 5%, respectively. Admissions among Pacific Islanders and Native Americans have stayed below 1% consistently.


Atmika Iyer
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