UC Santa Barbara police detained a person of interest in a death that occured on campus at Campus Point on Thursday evening. 

As of Saturday at 3:45 p.m., no one is in custody, according to Barbara Ross, executive assistant to Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley.

David Millard, a lieutenant with the UC Santa Barbara Police Department (UCPD), said in a statement to the Nexus on Friday evening that UCPD was originally responding to a possible fight at Campus Point. Upon arriving at the Campus Point Bluffs, officers saw an unconscious male in his 50’s being assisted by another person. Despite efforts to save the unconscious male’s life from responding officers and paramedics, the individual was “pronounced dead at the scene.” 

Police searched for the suspect in I.V. Max Abrams / Daily Nexus

“Initial information revealed that some type of verbal or physical exchange had taken place between the individuals involved,” Millard said in the statement. “Based on the preliminary findings, the death is being investigated as suspicious pending a conclusive forensic examination,” 

In an email sent to students on Friday afternoon, UCSB Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Margaret Klawunn stated that the victim was a UC Santa Barbara colleague. 

The incident occurred at approximately 5:14 p.m., and the suspect was reported to be carrying a “deadly weapon” that was not a firearm, according to a UCPD alert. 

As of 8:30 p.m., this is classified as an “Isolated Act of Violence” and the suspect has been detained; there is “no longer any threat to the community” and community members may resume normal activity, according to a UCPD alert. 

UCPD is currently interviewing the suspect regarding their possible involvement, according to UCSB Spokesperson Andrea Estrada. 

The suspect was described as a male in his early 40s, with ashen-brown hair, three-day growth of beard, medium build, six feet tall, wearing a dark blue hoodie and blue jeans. He was also seen carrying a brown guitar. 

Currently, UCPD is “conducting interviews regarding the individual’s possible involvement,” Millard said. The investigation is ongoing. 

This article will be updated. 

Update [11/13/2020, 2:30 p.m.]: This article has been updated to include information from Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Margaret Klawunn and UCSB Spokesperson Andrea Estrada. 

Update [11/13/2020, 10:21 p.m.]: This article has been updated to include information from UCPD Lieutenant David Millard.

Update [11/14/2020, 3:45 p.m.]: This article has been updated to include information from Barbara Ross, executive assistant to DA Joyce Dudley. 


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