The Nexus will be updating this page with live results from the Associated Students Election, which will be livestreamed on Zoom, beginning at 8 p.m.

Profiles of all 57 A.S. candidates can be found here. The full preliminary ballot can be found here.

President: Daevionne Beasley (Campus United)

Internal Vice President: Tianna White (Campus United)

External Vice President for Statewide Affairs: Alia Reynolds (Isla Vista Party)

External Vice President for Local Affairs: Yasamin Salari (Isla Vista Party)

Student Advocate General: Melissa Perez (Independent)

On-Campus Senators (Five Seats):

  • Dania De Ramon (Isla Vista Party)
  • Taylor Tait (Campus United)
  • Adam Bagul (Campus United)
  • Anusikha Halder (Isla Vista Party)
  • Gurleen Pabla (Campus United)

Off-Campus Senators (12 Seats):

  • Kyremina “Ky” Youssef (Isla Vista Party)
  • Fabian Oseguera (Campus United)
  • Dylan Martinez (Campus United)
  • Catherine Flaherty (Campus United)
  • Yuval Cohen (Campus United)
  • Nathan Le (Campus United)
  • Eileen Tran (Isla Vista Party)
  • Karsten Kolbe (Campus United) 
  • Esmeralda “Esme” Quintero (Isla Vista Party)
  • Jackson Tofft (Campus United)
  • Emanuel “Manny” Roman (Isla Vista Party)
  • Angel Diaz (Isla Vista Party)

College of Letters & Science Senators (Four Seats):

  • Aimee Wang (Campus United)
  • Jose Gonzalez-Herrera (Isla Vista Party)
  • Hayley Slater (Campus United)
  • Shva Star (Isla Vista Party)

College of Engineering Senator (One Seat):

  • Surya Pugal (Independent)  

University-Owned Off-Campus Housing Senator (One Seat):

  • Bee Schaefer (Isla Vista Party)

Transfer Senator (One Seat):

  • Ahura “Ahu” Nezhad (Campus United)

College of Creative Studies Senator (One Seat)

  • Daniel Mitchell (Campus United)

Fee reaffirmations:

  • A.S. Food Bank: Yes
  • Department of Public Worms: Yes
  • EOP: Yes
  • Finance & Business Committee: Yes
  • I.V. Arts: Yes
  • Program Board: Yes
  • Queer Commission: Yes
  • United States Student Association: Yes

Constitutional Amendments

  • International Senator: Yes
  • Lock-in Fees: Yes

New Fees:

  • Department of Public Worms: Yes