Charcuterie boards are the latest food trend in 2020 due to their aesthetic and lavish appearance, but many people may see them as intimidating at first. Charcuterie boards are one of the easiest snacks to throw together and are perfect for the upcoming days at home. Whether you’re binging a Netflix series, tuning into your online lecture or playing a board game, the mix of cheese, meat, crackers and fruits on a charcuterie board makes the perfect treat for any occasion. 

When making and enjoying your charcuterie board, the first and most important step is to wash your hands before touching the food. Depending on your preference and availability, you can also use food-safe gloves, such as clear plastic or vinyl gloves, when assembling your charcuterie. Although the platter’s formal name is “charcuterie board,” you don’t have to use an actual board. You can use whatever you have on hand such as a large plate, cutting board or a small table lined with plastic wrap. The next step is assembling your ingredients. To feed four to seven people, I recommend three types of cheeses, three types of meat, two types of crackers or bread and two types of fruits. Although this seems like a large amount of food, some grocery stores offer pre-arranged selections of cheese and meats in smaller portions for charcuterie. When arranging your charcuterie, I recommend spreading out the different ingredients. This allows the charcuterie to look more visually appealing because of the variations of colors and shapes. 

Once your charcuterie is fully assembled, I highly recommend taking a photo for your Instagram. Before devouring, make sure that everyone enjoying has freshly washed hands and an appetite!