Winter quarter is quickly coming to an end, which means the excitement of spring quarter is coming ahead; however, so does the pressure of finals week. Whether you prefer camping out at the lib, studying at home or posting up at a coffee shop during dead week, here is a list of tips for staying energized while you begin studying next week.

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1. Grab a yerba mate or cold brew from the Arbor

The first thing I like to do before settling in at the library is to get some source of caffeine. Fortunately, the Arbor is stocked with a variety of yerba mates, energy drinks and my personal favorite, cold brews. The window outside also caters to coffee lovers by having made-to-order coffee options.

2. Try studying with gum.

During my first round of finals last year, I found myself going through several packs of gum in just a few days. Gum not only gives me something to do but it also keeps my brain working. The Arbor has several different options you can buy for cheap prices. Just make sure that if you study with gum, you also take your tests with it so you’re in the same mind space!

3. Drink lots of water throughout the day.

Nothing makes doing schoolwork all day more miserable than being dehydrated. Dehydration not only makes you more tired but also less focused. For this reason, I always make sure to have my Hydro Flask on me and consciously refill it throughout the day. 

4. Pack healthy snacks beforehand

It’s vital to stay nourished as you prepare for finals, which begins with eating healthy foods. While there are a variety of healthy options offered at the Arbor, in order to save some money and avoid being tempted by the plethora of junk food, I suggest bringing snacks from home to eat throughout the day. Some great options include fruit, like an apple or banana, almonds, carrots and hummus or granola bars. 

5. Make time for exercise, if possible.

I always find that I am more productive once I have been active early in the day. During dead week, I try to make working out early in the morning a priority so I can spend the rest of the day focused on my schoolwork. This can be a great way to start the day with natural energy.

6. Eat a healthy breakfast to start the day right.

Although many college students don’t eat breakfast regularly, during high-stress weeks, it can be a beneficial way to get natural energy before starting to study. Easy options may include instant oatmeal, yogurt or toast with peanut butter or avocado.

Hopefully at least one of these tips can be easily implemented into your routine going into dead week. While schoolwork can be grueling, it’s important to put our health first in order to give our best performance during finals week!


Paige Holloway
Paige Holloway is a Communication and Sociology major as well as a writer and assistant editor for On the Menu. Her interests include fitness, traveling and drinking iced coffee.