Emma Demorest / Daily Nexus

Buying chaser can often be an afterthought. Sometimes, when you’re already starting the pregame, it’s too late to venture out into I.V. to actually buy some. We at Nexustentialism are here to bring you the best at-home alternatives to the classic Shasta lemon-lime soda you’d find at an I.V. house party.

Hot dog water. Ever wonder what to do with your leftover hot dog water? Don’t pour this succulent beverage down the drain; use it as chaser! Our hard liquor connoisseurs recommend pairing hot dog water with tequila to bring out the subtle meaty undertones. 

Oat milk. Dairy? That is so out. Alternative milk is the wave — particularly oat milk. Almond and soy are okay but so 2018. Now that Cajé and I.V. Drip are offering oat-y alternatives to lattes everywhere, why can’t the tastemakers of I.V. lead the way with oat milk as the go-to for pregames everywhere?

Crackers. Who said that chaser had to be a liquid? I can’t even believe you would think that, you intolerant asshole. As palate cleansers, crackers serve a similar purpose with alcohol consumption. Don’t want the taste of cheap vodka to linger in your mouth? Allow your dry, flaky crackers to suck up all of that excess alcohol. Pro tip: try the crackers next to the soup station at the Arbor. 

A piece of fruit. It’s practically juice.

The leftover beans that your housemate left sitting in a pot on the stove. This is just a crime of opportunity, really. 

Flavored vodka. You know how they say that you forget the pain of childbirth immediately after experiencing it due to your overwhelming love for your child? I imagine the same applies when you take a shot of Vitali and chase it with Peach New Am immediately afterward. 


Betty Cocker once yakked from simply smelling a shot of Vitali.