Police are searching for suspects with handguns who were spotted leaving the 65 block of Sabado in Isla Vista after committing an armed robbery at approximately 10:23 a.m., according to an alert sent out Monday morning by UC Santa Barbara. 

At approximately 12:20 p.m., Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office (SBSO) spokesperson Raquel Zick confirmed there have been no further sightings of the suspects since the initial one. 

The three adult suspects — a white man armed with a handgun wearing a ski mask and all black, another white man armed with a handgun wearing no ski mask and camouflage and a black man who was not carrying a gun — broke into 6571 Sabado Tarde just before 10:22 a.m. this morning, Zick said. 

Two victims were inside the apartment at the time — the suspects took two laptops, one phone, one wallet and cannabis, Zick told the Nexus. Zick told Noozhawk that the victims sustained “very minor” injuries.

“It is believed that victims were specifically targeted,” Zick said in a later press release.

Zick said there are no active lockdowns in Isla Vista or on campus, and that the alert to “secure in place” were under UCSB orders, not SBSO. 

The suspects were spotted leaving on foot according to the UCSB alert, but they also “may be associated with a newer model black BMW 3 series.” 

Dean of Student Life Katya Armistead told the Nexus that there is no-campus wide lockdown, and that the university is waiting for an “all clear” from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

As of now, Armistead said there is “no credible threat to the campus.” Students are advised to lock their doors and stay away from windows.

Several buildings on- and off-campus, starting with the Isla Vista Theater and the University Center, began locking down once the alert was sent out, according to reporters at the scenes. 

Isla Vista Theater’s doors were locked and students were told they could not leave, according to a Nexus reporter inside. The university sent out an additional alert at 11:41 a.m. announcing that there were no official lockdown orders, and students were able to leave I.V. Theater once class ended at 11:50 a.m.

When another reporter attempted to enter the University Center, the doors were being locked and students were being advised to stay indoors. The University Center lockdown was also later lifted.

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Max Abrams contributed reporting. 


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