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We all know that moment when the person we thought was our “whole world” or “other half” is no longer that and is solely just another one of the “million fish in the sea.”

Heartbreak is one of the worst pains out there, even for our favorite trap stars who surprisingly can’t handle breakups that well either. For my trap lovers out there who can’t be caught dead listening to Ed Sheeran after their breakup, here’s some of the best mumble rap songs to help you get over your ex-significant other and still look like a boss.

4. “Lonely” Feat. Lil Skies Yung Bans 

Yung Bans really hits you in the feels when he repeats “lonely” exactly 36 times. While this song may not actually be about Bans’ love life, the word “lonely” repeated this often leaves you feeling nothing but lonely in sorrow, thinking about all the memories you had with your ex.

3. “Who Shot Cupid?” – Juice WRLD

I mean, just read the title — I know you’re in tears already. You can feel the agony and pain in Juice WRLD’s voice in each line, getting darker and darker, especially when he says, “Told me she loved me still, bitch, go to hell” which is followed by “Gucci cardigan, I’m the flyest gent.” Ladies, how could you break a Gucci cardigan-wearing man’s heart? No matter how many designer brands you wear, it doesn’t guarantee your significant other will always be there for you — who would’ve thought?

2. “Love Scars” – Trippie Redd

If you’re not crying yet, Trippie’s echoey screeches combined with his deep lyrical ingenuity really makes you remember why you hate your ex. This song is nothing but relatable with lyrics like “You used to say you in love / Shawty you so fucked up / Shawty I don’t need you anyway / I just sit back in my Balenciagas.” If there’s anything to take away from this song, it’s that you should just forget your ex and go ball out on some new Balenciagas.

1. “ball w/o you” – 21 Savage 

I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t listen to this song on repeat when my boyfriend and I broke up. 21 Savage monotonously rapping on a smooth keyboard beat, who would’ve expected? The part that really hit me was his thirty-second-long, non-rhythmic cathartic outburst: “I’d rather have loyalty than love / ‘Cause love don’t really mean jack (Straight up) / See love is just a feeling / You can love somebody and still stab them in they back (Oh God).” It’s at that point you realize 21 Savage has emotions, and so do you, despite how much of a trap star you really are.

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We can’t all be downers though; some of us trappers finally found our soulmates — the Gucci to your Louis, the Henny to your Coke. And when this happens, all we want to do is listen to some love songs, but not sappy Jason Mraz type of shit. Here are some of the best songs to listen to with your new boo when you feel love is in the air.

4. “She Wanna Party” Feat. Millie Go Lightly – Young Thug 

This one’s for all of my beautiful thugger girls, the ones who found their true loves or the people out there who found their beautiful thugger girl. For those of you who have found your significant other, you probably understand when Thug says, “I love her so you know I got her flossin’ / I’m not a dentist but a n**ga flossin’.” I know we’re too busy to floss when we’re out here living life, but it’s worth it for your boo.

3. “Fell in Luv” – Playboi Carti 

Yes, Carti’s vocabulary may only range up to about 50 different words throughout the song, but the amount of times he says “Oh my God, I fell in love / I fell in love with the love” will nevertheless remind you how much you love your significant other. Because no matter how hard as fuck and independent you trappers are, it’s okay to be in love too.

2. “Love Me” – Lil Tecca

This one’s for those of you in the beginning stages of the relationship; you’ve found the love of your life but you’re still chasing. Lil Tecca and his little 17-year-old self has never been more relatable, pouring his heart out singing, “Hope you know I want you, so do you want me? / If I said I love you, would you love me?” and then ends the song with “I’on think it’s for me.” I know we’re all only invested in our drip, but sometimes even the trappiest still fall in love. So for all of you who can’t believe this happened, embrace it with Lil Tecca.

1. “You Da Baddest” Feat.. Nicki Minaj – Future 

Never in my life would I have expected Future to write a love song — well, maybe about his love for lean, but definitely not for a woman — yet here we are. He finally found the one, the one who makes him sing, “We know you the baddest baby, fuck them hoes.” Big steps for Future, and big steps for all you trap lovers out there. Finally giving up the lifestyle for the one — now that’s true love.