February and March 2019 both saw increases in the number of individuals arrested in Isla Vista, according to the Nexus crime map.

In March, 39 individuals were arrested in I.V. or on the UC Santa Barbara campus, while 33 were arrested in February 2019, according to the crime map.

In comparison, 28 were arrested in January.

Data courtesy of SBSO. Hayley Tice / Daily Nexus

The map is based on daily arrest logs from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office (SBSO) and includes arrests that happen in I.V. as well as on the UCSB campus.

Approximately 30% of individuals arrested in February were confirmed UCSB students, the highest percentage since at least September 2018, the first month with data. Less than 15% in March were confirmed UCSB students.

It is the Nexus’ policy to check whether arrested college-age individuals are UCSB students.

Approximately 55% of individuals were charged with a crime related to alcohol during February. About 46% were arrested for an alcohol-related crime in March.

Eleven individuals were charged with disorderly conduct due to alcohol in February. A further twelve were charged with this crime in March.

Other alcohol-related crimes were common as well.

During both months, five people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and another was charged with both driving under the influence of drugs and a hit and run.

Additionally, five individuals were charged with a minor in possession of alcohol during both months.

Other common charges included resisting or obstructing a police officer, trespassing, violating probation, giving false identification to a police officer and assault with a deadly weapon.

Eight individuals were charged with resisting or obstructing a police officer, while six were charged with trespassing. Four individuals were charged with violation of their probation.

Four were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

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Hayley Tice
Hayley Tice serves as data editor for the 2020-21 school year. She can be reached at hayleytice@dailynexus.com or data@dailynexus.com.