Courtesy of Natasha Sheridan

TOOT! TOOT! It’s me again, bitches. I’m ~back again~ to defend my currently IN STYLE fisherman hat a.k.a. the train conductor.

You may have seen me all over your Instagram Explore page wearing this mid-2000s limo chauffeur cap. And I’m here to say that this is a hill I will die on. I’ve heard what you geed bitches say about me behind my back. That this is a hat you “used to have from Limited Too,” that it was “bedazzled with camouflage” and “only 12-year-olds going through puberty wear it.” LIKE maybe you should still wear that because it sounds awesome. Hater.

Everyone in Europe are wearing these, and I’m sorry you guys aren’t up to date with the latest from Par-ee (where I studied abroad, in case you were wondering).  The amount of compliments I received from hot French men was huuuuge. This is the one thing that I will actually continuously wear unlike past trends like bodysuits, anything from LF or fun girl pants.

I asked my super hot Alpha Sigma Sigma boyfriend what he thought of it and he said, and I QUOTE, “Yeah, babe, whatever. It makes your butt look big.”

If that isn’t substantial evidence, then I don’t know what is going to convince you geeds. While I’m racking up the likes on Instagram like that weird egg (who I would totally beat in a hat contest), you can stay getting your pathetic 200 likes. Fucking peasants.


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