A new burger joint has hit Isla Vista, but it doesn’t serve your same old conventional burger. Rockfire Grill has changed up the burger game by bringing in artisan flatbread buns instead of the typical burger buns. The buns are baked after you order, so you should be getting fresh buns every time. If burgers aren’t your thing, Rockfire Grill also offers flatbread pizza, salads, sides and craft beer/wine.

Rachel Lee / Daily Nexus

When I arrived at the restaurant, I noticed it was very spacious and offered both inside and outside seating. It even had a small stage inside where bands or singers could perform. This place seemed like the perfect setting for a large group of people to spend a day ordering food and pitchers of beer, watching a big game or hanging out together.

As for the menu, the restaurant offered seven flatbread burgers. I decided to go for the “O.M.G.” or the “Onions. Mushrooms. Garlic.” burger and made it a combo by adding fries and a fountain drink. I asked for mushrooms on the side since I was not a big fan, and the workers were able to accommodate that, which was nice. The burger came with two angus beef patties, which I did not expect. With the two patties, the meal was very filling and I had to end up sharing it with a friend. My favorite part of my meal was the garlic aioli that came with my burger. I thought that the sauce paired nicely with the rest of the burger. Rockfire Grill also offered the garlic aioli sauce in a dispenser, which I slathered on my fries since I enjoyed it so much. The flatbread route was a different take, but I enjoyed my meal.

Rachel Lee / Daily Nexus

However, my overall experience was not the best. My meal took 45 minutes to come out, which is not ideal for guests like me who are trying to grab a quick bite. The long wait may have been due to the fact that I went on the weekend. The restaurant’s orders may have been stacked, but waiting almost an hour for my meal did not make me a happy customer. I also went with a group of students, and the first person got their order within five minutes while the next order did not come until 40 minutes later. I understand that they bake the buns after each person orders, but when I finally received my meal, it did not taste extremely fresh.

In the end, the flatbread take on the burger was pretty unique, and I’m willing to go again and try something else on the menu. However, my advice is to avoid the weekend times — especially peak hours — or you might be waiting for a while.