Arrests in Isla Vista decreased in October from September, according to data from the Nexus’ crime log.

The map is based on daily arrest logs from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office and includes arrests in Isla Vista as well as on the UC Santa Barbara campus.

The Nexus launched the crime map Oct. 1.

While 26 individuals were arrested in Isla Vista in October, 55 were arrested the previous month.

There was also a decrease in arrests of UC Santa Barbara students in Isla Vista between the two months. In September, eight UCSB students were arrested, while four were arrested in October.

It is Daily Nexus policy to check if any college-aged individuals who are arrested are students at either UCSB or SBCC.

Most individuals arrested in Isla Vista during these months were not current UCSB students. Only about 15 percent of arrests in Oct. in Isla Vista were of UCSB students.

Approximately 54 percent of people arrested on campus that month were UCSB students.

Most individuals arrested, however, were of typical college age. Approximately 88 percent of people charged with crimes in Isla Vista whose age was known were between 18 and 24 that month.

Data courtesy of SBSO. Hayley Tice / Daily Nexus

About 51 percent of people arrested in Isla Vista and on campus were charged with at least one crime related to alcohol, and the most common crime individuals were charged with was disorderly conduct due to alcohol.

Data courtesy of SBSO. Hayley Tice / Daily Nexus

33 individuals were charged with disorderly conduct due to alcohol in September and October.

The second most common charges were possessing alcohol as a minor and obstructing police officers/resisting arrest, with nine individuals arrested for each. Eight people were also arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol during those months.

Over half of the arrests occurred between 11 p.m. and 2:59 a.m., and the most popular hour for arrests was 2 a.m. Approximately 23 percent of all arrests over these months took place between 2 a.m. and 2:59 a.m.

Most arrests happened in Isla Vista. While 15 individuals were arrested on campus, 81 were off campus.

Del Playa Drive was the most popular spot for arrests in Isla Vista. Approximately 35 percent of arrests in Isla Vista occurred on or by an intersection of the street.

Most arrests occurred on Saturdays and Sundays. About 36 percent of arrests occurred on Saturdays, and 34 percent occurred on Sundays.

One person was arrested on Halloween. The individual was charged with petty crime and trespassing.


Hayley Tice
Hayley Tice serves as data editor for the 2020-21 school year. She can be reached at or