The Nexus compiled information about several winners and passing measures from last night’s midterm election. Read about their campaign promises and what they plan to do during their times in their respective offices below:

Governor Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom (D), former San Francisco major and lieutenant governor of California, won the gubernatorial seat in the 2018 midterm election. Newsom campaigned in support of expanding healthcare, diminishing the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) influence on legislation, protecting California’s status as a sanctuary state, closing the gender pay gap and protecting women’s reproductive rights, according to his campaign website.

His platform consists of expanding economic growth through a new job training system, improving infrastructure and maintaining California values of diversity and social equality.

He won against his Republican opponent, John Cox.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla

Alex Padilla (D) was elected for a second term as secretary of state. During his campaign, he directed voters to his previous terms as secretary of state, state senator and president of Los Angeles City Council.

Padilla said in his candidate statement that his work in the last four years helped to register millions of eligible voters in California. He pointed to his beginnings as the son of immigrant parents with blue-collar jobs as an indication of his commitment to working-class families.

He won over the majority of voters against his opponent, Mark Meuser (R).

California Senator Dianne Feinstein

Now officially elected to her fifth term in the U.S. Senate, Dianne Feinstein (D) ran on a progressive platform for the 2018 midterm elections. Feinstein cited her experience in the position in previous years for issues including immigrants’ rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and universal healthcare.

She promised to attack prerogatives of the Trump Agenda such as his anti-immigration policies and proposed oil drilling permits off California’s coast, according to her candidate statement in the 2018 Voter Guide.

Feinstein won the majority vote against her opponent, Kevin de León (D).

24th Congressional District Representative Salud Carbajal

UC Santa Barbara alumnus Salud Carbajal won the majority vote for representative of California’s 24th congressional district for a second term. Carbajal campaigned on creating cooperation between Republicans and Democrats to support the Central Valley.

He pledged to advocate for the middle class, fight for environmental protection, push for safer gun laws and regulations, help to make higher education more affordable, create higher-paying job opportunities and strengthen Medicare and social security.

He won against his opponent, Justin Fareed (R).

State Assembly 37th District Representative Monique Limón

Santa Barbara native and Goleta resident Monique Limón won another term as representative of the 37th state assembly district. She campaigned on her years of experience in higher education, especially at UCSB working in various departments to increase diversity and assist in transitions from college to graduate school.

She promised to advocate for education, defend the environment and expand opportunities for job training and internships, according to her campaign websites.

She won the majority in a landslide vote against her opponent, David Norrdin (D).

Goleta Union School District

Luz Reyes-Martin, Richard Mayer and Carin Ezal all won seats in the Goleta Union School District race.

Measure G2018 County Ordinance

Measure G proposed a redistricting of Santa Barbara County which would be spearheaded by the Santa Barbara Citizens’ Independent Redistricting Commission. The measure will establish clear procedures for determining electoral district boundaries within the county.

The commission leading the redistricting will be designed to be free of influence from campaign contributors, political parties, special financial interests and more as well as be representative of diversity in the county.

Measure Z2018 City Goleta Cannabis Tax

Measure Z passed overwhelmingly in the midterm elections, placing a tax on cannabis businesses in Goleta to provide revenue to be used by the city of Goleta.

The measure will impose taxes on individual processes of the cannabis industry in Goleta, including cannabis distribution/transportation, cannabis cultivation and cannabis processing/manufacturing. It will exclude the sale of medical cannabis and cannabis testing.

The tax is expected to go into effect 10 days after the vote is declared by the city council, according to the Measure Z ordinance.

Correction [Nov. 21]: Luz Reyes-Martin, Richard Mayer and Carin Ezal all won seats within the Goleta Union School District. A previous version of this article stated Reyes-Martin was the sole winner.


Sofía Mejías-Pascoe
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