Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

As a first-generation college student and as a Latina woman, the midterm election has been on the top of my mind for awhile now. Nov. 6 is in the hands of young people and we should be both excited and anxious to turn the tide.

As students, we need representatives that are going to hear our voices and let them roar on the congress floor. Congressman Salud Carbajal, like myself and thousands of other Gauchos, relied on financial aid and student loans to graduate from UCSB. Salud Carbajal stands up for students — he has supported Senator Warren’s Bank on Student’s Act to allow students like me to refinance their student loan debt. He has also co-sponsored legislation for the Federal Government to partner with states to provide free community college tuition to all students for two years. He introduced legislation to increase the value of Pell Grants, nearly doubling the max award to $9,650. Salud is also a strong advocate for codifying Title IX protections for sexual assault survivors on college campuses.

Gauchos, do not be complacent. Be bold and intentional with your ballot. Say something with the bubbles you choose to fill in. I am certain that Salud Carbajal is a candidate that will represent me and the communities that I am a part of. We owe it to ourselves to vote the rights of students depend on it.

Aisha Khan is a third-year Political Science major and president of UCSB Campus Democrats.