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Even after knowing each other for roughly two short weeks, FT couple Amy Ramsey and Derrick McNamara have decided to defy the naysayers and give long distance a shot! While the distance between North and South towers may feel like an eternity, the couple has found a way to make it work.

Sources say Ramsey, of fifth floor North tower, and McNamara, of ninth South, hit it off at the FT pool party when he accidentally spiked a volleyball into her poolside pod, ruining her perfectly composed Instagram shot.

“Who would’ve thought that such a disaster could turn into such a beautiful love story?” Ramsey gushed.

“Amy and Derrick are, like, the most stable couple in FT,” said Ramsey’s roommate Tara Meyer-Williams. “Seriously they’ve been together for two whole weeks and haven’t even gotten into a fight yet.”

When asked to divulge the secrets of maintaining such a perfect relationship, McNamara confessed that the two share a common practice of isolating themselves from everyone else in their lives and pouring all time and energy into one another.

“I can’t imagine my life at UCSB without Amy,” McNamara said from the couple’s usual two-person corner table at Portola. “She has made these last two weeks incredible.”

On nights spent apart, the two have found ways to communicate once their respective roommates get fed up with the couple’s hours-long FaceTime conversations.

Holding a pair of binoculars to her eyes, Ramsey points out McNamara’s window on the ninth floor, from which he sends the Morse code for “I love you,” using his iPhone flashlight.

“I don’t know what the long distance has in store for us, but so far we’re doing the best we can,” Ramsey said. We’re wishing these crazy kids the best of luck!


Hannah Jackson thinks that a 65 to 68 block relationship qualifies as long distance.


Hannah Jackson
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