Lorenzo Basilio / Daily Nexus

Francisco Torres — Bonding over living on the same floor, loving avocados and enjoying getting shithouse plastered four nights a week, freshman Bailey Simpson stumbled upon her three best friends for the rest of college within the first half hour of move-in.

“I thought it was cool how we all dressed and talked the exact same,” said Simpson just hours later. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I didn’t meet these girls.”

Still open to acquiring new friends through the next four years, Simpson is well aware that no one will ever compare to her “day-ones,” whom she does not know any solid information about besides a shared upper-class socioeconomic background. Simpson noted that she is mainly concerned with spending every waking moment with her newfound sisters to establish that lifelong college-bestie bond she’s always wanted.

“Is this vacation or school?” asked Simpson in an Instagram caption posted that night featuring a photo of “the squad” dressed up in her floor’s lounge. “Either way, can’t wait for the next four years with these girls!”


Daniel Carroll is a fourth-year hanging out with the same three people he met on the first week of freshmen year.