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We all know how country folk are regarded in Isla Vista. With bold statements such as, “I’ll listen to any music EXCEPT country,” and an unspoken association between uneducated rednecks and people that do listen to country music, it’s no easy feat being a countryfied individual in our college town.

At this point in my life, however (read: a graduate), I thought it was time I shared my own tips on living a country life in I.V.  

So if you’ve been wondering whether or not you should bring your cowboy boots to Isla Vista, I’m here to say just go for it. Fingers crossed your friends accept your true identity as a cowgirl!

How to Be Country in I.V.:

1. Insist on playing loud country music on DP every Friday afternoon. This way, your neighbors will know for sure you’re country.

2. Talk about that one time your horse picked you up from school. Everyone will be in awe of how country folk travel, even in the modern age.

3. Sing exclusively country songs on karaoke night. “Redneck Woman (Hell Yeah)” always gets the crowd moving and leaves a positive message about really not giving a shit. About anything. At all. Even when you should.    

4. Be progressive and country and use the inclusive “y’all” when addressing a crowd on Woodstocks Trivia Night. It helps to add a slight twang to your voice so you can give off a vibe of “Southern hospitality” without actual being from a red state.

5. Those flare jeans and that plaid shirt: DO IT. Denim on denim: DEFINITELY DO IT. Stick to your roots and show everyone you can party and muck it up on the farm.

6. Teach your friends the tenets of all country songs: drinking beer, mama’s cooking, driving down backroads, hometown football games and girls shaking it on the dancefloor. Oh, also God sometimes. Slowly your friends will love and understand the country life as much as you do.

As the kids say, “Yee haw.”


Maura Fox was a closeted country gal throughout college but wants you to know she loves country music and has a real horse named Rosie. This is her 100th article for the Daily Nexus, and she is very proud.