The three candidates to lead the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office as its sheriff-coroner made their last push to draw in Isla Vista and UC Santa Barbara voters last Thursday.

Here’s how much money each candidate is raising and spending to win the election to represent the people of Isla Vista and Santa Barbara County, according to county campaign finance disclosure forms.

Sheriff Bill Brown leads the fundraising effort comfortably with $251,364, as of May 25 the last date on file that Brown reported finances ahead of Lt. Brian Olmstead, who has raised $124,329 as of May 24.

The difference between the first two candidates and Lt. Eddie Hsueh is a chasm.

Data courtesy of Santa Barbara County. Hayley Tice / Daily Nexus

Hsueh, who said at Thursday’s candidate forum that his campaign is volunteer run, trails behind Brown and Olmstead with only $8,567.64 in campaign finances raised as of May 20. 

According to California law, the deadline to submit financial disclosure forms is May 26. Contributions of $1,000 from a single source must be reported within 24 hours.

Hsueh is the only candidate who has chosen to abide by a voluntary finance limit, which is set at $153,000.

On Thursday, Olmstead said he refused to follow a finance limit in order to match incumbent Sheriff Brown who Olmstead said will have large fundraising capabilities as a result of his long-time tenure as sheriff.

Olmstead said asking for campaign funds is “the worst thing about politics.”

Brown said raising campaign finances is unfortunately a reality for candidates who want to reach all voters in the 424,000 person county.

According to campaign disclosure forms as of May 25, Brown has received $251,364 in campaign contributions and accumulated $168,741 in expenditures through May 19.

Brown’s largest donors are Eric G. Phillips, CEO of Phillips Acquisitions, LLC, T.J. Barrack, co-founder and producer of Adaptive Studios, Inc. and Patrick M. Nesbitt, Carpinteria resident and founder of Windsor Capital Group, Inc., who have each donated $10,000 to Brown’s campaign.

Data courtesy of Santa Barbara County. Hayley Tice / Daily Nexus

Hsueh’s top supporters are his own election team, which has donated $2,250, the Democratic Women of Santa Barbara with $1,000 and two individual residents of Carpinteria and Bakersfield that have donated $1,250 cumulatively.

Data courtesy of Santa Barbara County. Hayley Tice / Daily Nexus

Olmstead has raised a total of $124,329 as of May 24 and has accumulated $117,260 in expenditures.  

Olmstead has the highest individual donation amount with $44,500 from Santa Barbara County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association. His top donors are the Santa Barbara County Firefighters Government PAC with $20,000, a retired Santa Ynez resident with $12,500 and a retired Santa Barbara resident with $3,500.

Data courtesy of Santa Barbara County. Hayley Tice / Daily Nexus

Update: This article was updated on May 29 to include Lt. Eddie Hsueh’s campaign finances and expenditures through May 20, according to his financial disclosure form processed on May 24.