The Nexus will be updating this page with live results from the Associated Students Election, which will be announced at The Hub in the UCen beginning at 8 p.m.

Profiles of all 52 A.S. candidates can be found here.

President: Brooke Kopel (Campus United)

Internal Vice President: Steven Ho (Isla Vista Party)

External Vice President of Statewide Affairs: Mayela Morales (Isla Vista Party)

External Vice President of Local Affairs: Jeike Meijer (Isla Vista Party)

Student Advocate General: Grecia Martinez (Independent)

On-Campus Senators (Five Seats):

  1. Zion Solomon (Isla Vista Party)
  2. Yasamin Salari (Isla Vista Party)
  3. Melissa Perez (Isla Vista Party)
  4. Lea Toubian (Campus United)
  5. Yash Nagpal (Campus United)

Off-Campus Senators (12 Seats)

  1. Mordi Shadpour (Campus United)
  2. Rafael Cornejo (Isla Vista Party)
  3. Sydney Karmes-Wainer (Campus United)
  4. Adam Chohan (Campus United)
  5. Jasmine Palmerin (Isla Vista Party)
  6. Jalia Carlton-Carew (Isla Vista Party)
  7. Yara Khamis (Campus United)
  8. Christian Ornelas (Isla Vista Party)
  9. Ashley Ng (Isla Vista Party)
  10. Alexis Bettencourt (Campus United)
  11. Carla Cernat (Campus United)
  12. Andrew Nguyen (Campus United)

College of Letters & Science Senators (Four Seats):

  1. Xochitl Briseno (Isla Vista Party)
  2. Ricardo Uribe (Isla Vista Party)
  3. Allison Adam (Campus United)
  4. Joshua Takeuchi (Campus United)

College of Engineering Senator (One Seat):

  1. Alex Funk (Campus United)

University-Owned Housing Senator (One Seat):

  1. Anthony Hernandez (Campus United)

Transfer Senator (One Seat):

  1. Nima Bencohen (Campus United)

Fee affirmations:

  • Food Bank: 90.21% yes
  • Department of Worms: 80.06% yes
  • Educational Opportunity Program: 87.58% yes
  • Finance Board: 69.08% yes
  • Isla Vista Arts: 77.55% yes
  • A.S. Program Board: 72.62% yes
  • Queer Commission: 76.04% yes
  • United States Student Association (USSA): 64.67% yes

New Fees:

  • NewCen: 81.69% no