A.S. Elections 2018

Associated Students Elections Board released in April its official list of candidates seeking elected office in spring.

There are a total of 52 candidates running for A.S. seats, most of whom fall under one of two parties: Campus United and the Isla Vista Party.

Below you will find the candidates running for A.S. Senate. The Nexus issued endorsements for the executive candidates last week.

Zachary Zeising (CU), Vanessa Maldonado (IVP), Carla Cernat (CU), Gabriella Shofat (CU), Diego Reyes(IVP) and Gabriel Etaat(IVP) have not yet been reached for comment.


Justice Dumlao

Isla Vista Party

Justice Dumlao, a third-year global studies major, wants to create community liaisons for the president’s office to ensure the president is aware of what’s going on around campus. He also hopes to establish community study spaces in the UCSB Library and sort them by major. He works as the diversity education officer for the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity.

Brooke Kopel

Campus United

Brooke Kopel, a third-year political science major, wants to set up a disaster relief fund for emergency situations like the winter’s Thomas Fire and Montecito mudslides. As a Letters and Science senator, she authored resolutions condemning anti-Semitism and supporting the stoppage of tuition hikes. She decided to run for A.S. president after witnessing the “unite the right” Charlottesville rally in Aug. 2016.


Steven Ho

Isla Vista Party

Steven Ho, a second-year biology and Asian American studies double major, would like to amplify diverse voices on the A.S. Senate if he is elected. He authored a resolution calling for the resignation of the Research Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity director after the firing of an associate director. Ho wants to create a central drive for all Senate bills and resolutions.

Anthony Pimentel

Campus United

Anthony Pimentel, a third-year political science major, wants to improve the transitioning process for new senators. He also wants to recruit students well-versed in parliamentary procedure to advise campus organizations on how to run meetings. As a senator, he helped author resolutions condemning anti-Semitism and cyberbullying.


Jeike Meijer

Isla Vista Party

Jeike Meijer, a second-year global studies and feminist studies double major, wants to add wifi to local Isla Vista parks. She has helped campaign in local political efforts, including the push for Measure R, which would fund the I.V. Community Services District.

Sophia Dycaico

Campus United

Sophia Dycaico, a third-year history of public policy major, wants to implement a house key replacement program in Isla Vista. She has worked with local government officials and has taken part in I.V. self-governance efforts.


Mayela Morales

Isla Vista Party

Mayela Morales, a fourth-year global studies and Chicanx studies double major, wants to fight food insecurity and improve UC worker rights. She was a lead organizer of Student Activist Network and, as a first-generation undocumented student, wants to advocate for the rights of undocumented students on UC campuses.

Madeline Loudon

Campus United

Madeline Loudon, a second-year history of public policy major, wants to refine student lobbying efforts. She has experience lobbying in Washington, D.C. and currently works in the EVPSA office as a policy analyst.


Rose Ettleson


Rose Ettleson, a third-year film and environmental studies major, is the chief of staff for the current Student Advocate General. Her first project will be to create a database organizing the outcomes of previous cases without compromising confidentiality.

Grecia Martinez


Grecia Martinez, a third-year history of public policy, wants to return to conducting research by means of establishing community organizers. Currently, the SAG conducts surveys of the student population. Martinez is a Letters and Science senator, having won a seat with Isla Vista party.

(12 SEATS)

Christian Ornelas

Isla Vista Party

Christian Ornelas, a second-year and environmental studies major, said he hopes to implement more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in Isla Vista. If elected to the Senate, he said he wants to create an “environmental impact committee” that works with businesses to analyze the sustainability their practices.

“I’m really interested in sustainability and the environment in general. I would really try to implement more sustainable practices… to benefit the student and the university and local community.”

Alexander “Alex” Young

Campus United

Alexander Young, a first-year political science and global studies double major, wants to focus on improving community relations by expanding programs like UCIV and working with different A.S. BCUs.

“I volunteered for UCIV, I went on for Deltopia, and it was a really, really fun experience. It was something that I think really does help the community to ease relations between police and residents.”

Salvador “Sal” Hernandez Arellano

Isla Vista Party

Salvador Hernandez Arellano, a second-year global studies and sociology double major, is intent on increasing accessibility to and awareness of resources like food and medicine in Isla Vista. He hopes to promote the food bank more and make it easier for people to access contraceptives like Plan B and PREP as well.

“A lot of people suffer from food insecurity, or they don’t really have accessibility to a lot of medicine. A lot of the times we are just students, that might be low-income, living independently in Isla Vista.”

Andrew Nguyen

Campus United

Andrew Nguyen, a first-year English major, wants to encourage the student body to engage with Associated Students and on- campus activities. If elected, Nguyen said he plans to publish the minutes from A.S. meetings to help keep students better informed and promote transparency among the association.

“I feel like a lot of people are not involved or engaged in what A.S. does, and that’s particularly important… because we pay to go to this school. It’s our tuition, it’s our money… so we ought to know how it’s being spent.”

Diego “D” Cobos

Isla Vista Party

Diego Cobos, a second-year political science major, said he wants to build community within Isla Vista by placing art installations and keeping the city clean.

“During those four years, I didn’t want it to just be a place where students rent out expensive places and just live there. I wanted it to be more of a community; we’ll be here for four years, it’s not just about our college experience, it’s about our general experience.”

Mordi Shadpour

Campus United

Mordi Shadpour, a second-year philosophy major, believes that the biggest issue facing students is safety. He wants to improve the sense of community and increase communication amongst students.

“The biggest thing that I’m all about is creating dialogue, so like town halls between students, sending out surveys and holding landlords accountable by working with IVTU.”

Jasmine Palmerin

Isla Vista Party

Jasmine Palmerin, a second-year English and sociology double major, wants to improve lighting in Isla Vista, specifically by implementing blue lighting between the Pardall Center and the Santa Catalina residence hall. She said she will work with the local I.V. government and other senators to help allocate funding toward the cause.

“For people living off-campus, especially women (for instance, I’m under five feet), walking late at night after 10 is dangerous because there’s really dim lighting. What I’m going to enact to make sure there’s safety for all students is to create better light.”

Sydney Karmes-Wainer

Campus United

Sydney Karmes-Wainer, a second-year communication and global studies double major, is passionate about the cleanliness of the UCSB campus and putting forth healthier food options for students on campus at locations like the Arbor and the Corner Store.

“There’s graffiti on the walls in our bathrooms, both on campus and in I.V. It should parallel the prestige of our university, and I don't believe that our campus represents that.”

Ashley Ng

Isla Vista Party

Ashley Ng, a third-year feminist studies major, wants to equip Community Safety Officers with UCSB vehicles so that they cancould drive students home during dead week and finals week. She compared the idea to established programs at schools like the University of Michigan.

“There are a lot of UCSB vehicles that aren’t used during the day, so we can utilize them at night. Walking students home is great, but I think we can go one step further. Driving students home at night would bring the safety rates even higher.”

Amy Zhou

Campus United

Amy Zhou, a first-year political science major, said the biggest problems facing I.V. are the poor lighting and infrastructure. If elected, Zhou said she would work on infrastructure projects in the community, such as filling potholes and creating more parking spaces on streets.

“I just believe that Isla Vista is a beautiful community, and with the right implementation and with the right leadership, we can make it much more beautiful and much safer for everyone.”

Ryan Clark

Isla Vista Party

Ryan Clark, a second-year political science major, said his predominant focus is addressing the high cost of housing in I.V. and improving the look of the community by fixing bike paths and commissioning more artwork for I.V.

“I do think that landlords can kind of “get away with murder.” We are paying astronomical prices compared to most of California, and for very little —-- it still feels like we’re not getting great apartments.”

Nicole Estess

Campus United

Nicole Estess, a first-year biopsychology major, is focused on maintaining the unique culture of the Isla Vista community by improving safety and expanding the awareness of resources in I.V.

“I think the more we improve access to resources such as the legal resource center or the I.V. Tenants Union, I think that the residents will feel more of the community base and this can really be our own community in that sense.”

Jalia Carlton-Carew

Isla Vista Party

Jalia Carlton-Carew, a second-year film and media studies major, centered her platform around improving mental health resources in I.V. She said her experience as an RA at Santa Catalina has shown her the differences between the mental health resources on campus and the ones in I.V.

“When you move out into I.V., there’s not that many resources available, so one of the things that I’m going to work on if elected is to provide more resources for mental health in I.V. That would be a cool resource to have because it’s not like when you move out you’re totally an adult and don’t need any help.”

Yara Khamis

Campus United

Yara Khamis, a second-year political science major, has worked on getting a book club started at the Pescadero Lofts, a housing complex for homeless Isla Vista residents. She wants to improve lighting on I.V. streets and help make menstrual products accessible in women’s restrooms.

“I’m also part of the IVCRC, so I’m constantly in contact with community members and I see how important that relationship is for the strength of the community and the safety of our community.”

Rafael “Rafa” Cornejo

Isla Vista Party

Rafael Cornejo, a third-year political science and Chicano studies double major, wants to double down on reducing food insecurity and food waste on campus as well as combating homelessness.

“We have programs here that I would talk with the advisors about to see what we can do to expand those programs to bring them out of UCSB and target them to the I.V. community, particularly students, to see what ways we can improve services that are already present.”

Adam Chohan

Campus United

Adam Chohan, a second-year chemical engineering major, wants to combat what he calls a “militarized police state” in Isla Vista during popular party weekends. He hopes to increase the presence of Community Service Officers in I.V., believing them to be a “friendly face” for students to approach.

“It seems [CSOs] are the ones students feel more comfortable talking to. They’re the ones students can actually go up to while intoxicated and inebriated in any way and talk about things that might have happened.

Dallin Mello

Isla Vista Party

Dallin Mello, a second-year sociology and art double major, says his main focuses are housing and food insecurity and the costs involved in attending UCSB. Mello said he believes there is a lack of funding for students to live comfortably in Isla Vista.

“Far too frequently we are seeing landlords unwilling to cooperate with students in our demands to have housing — in our demands to have our repairs done in manageable ways that we aren’t paying for.”

Alexis Bettencourt

Campus United

Alexis Bettencourt, a first-year biology major, wants to work with the I.V. Community Services District to establish more parking in the neighborhood. She wants to bring environmentally friendly measures to I.V., like recycling bins and dog waste baggies.

“Student Health is pretty far and getting condoms and contraceptives is tough. I want more spaces in front of Pardall Center so students could get more access to them.”

Sarah Eizner

Campus United

Sarah Eizner, a first-year economics and financial math double major, wants to focus on increasing access to medical resources for students on campus.

“I was sick a lot in the first quarter, as most freshmen are because they’re adjusting to the dorms, and I know a lot of my friends were sick. I found that, one, appointments were taken and you couldn’t get in and two, if you couldn’t get an appointment and you needed to see a doctor, you had to go to the Urgent Care, which takes around 45 minutes to an hour to be seen.”


Zion Solomon

Isla Vista Party

Zion Solomon, a first-year economics and accounting major, centered her platform on mental health education and awareness. She specifically wants to work on decreasing wait times for counseling appointments and increasing the student presence on the mental health board.

“Some of my friends have tried to go but were sent away or were set for an appointment where the wait times were 21 days on average. So for someone who has anxiety or extreme depression or suicidal thoughts, it’s not sufficient.”

Eric Moon

Campus United

Eric Moon, a first-year political science major, EVPSA fellow and Lobby Corps member, aims to work with the EVPSA to lower university costs and fund construction projects.

“I’ve come to realize through not only through my advocacy work but through daily conversations with my friends and fellow peers in classes, that students are really concerned about how they’re gonna afford their textbooks and their tuition and other associated costs with going to school here in this wonderful place.”

Melissa Perez

Isla Vista Party

Melissa Perez, a first-year English major, wants to address food insecurity on campus by pushing to increase funding for the A.S. Food Bank and the availability of food sources on campus.

“I want to push to fund the Food Bank further or expand our spaces in order to be able to accomodate everybody with more food, to be able to coordinate more thoroughly with local farm growers in order to provide more locally sourced food that maybe goes to waste because it’s not necessarily pretty enough to go to Sprouts.”

Lea Toubian

Campus United

Lea Toubian, a first-year political science major, wants her main focus to be accountability and transparency. She said she would like to make teacher evaluations public at the end of each quarter instead of having students use a third-party website to find opinions on the classes they will take.

“I’d like to work with the administration that is in charge of that so students can be more informed when they’re picking their classes… and if there is a recurring problem with a specific teacher or specific department, it’s on public record. Students can hold people in charge accountable for these issues and we can actually get that addressed.”

Yasamin Salari

Isla Vista Party

Yasamin Salari, a first-year political science major, said she plans to focus her efforts on reforming Student Health and Gaucho Health Insurance. Salari cited the early closing hours and lack of an urgent care system as flaws to the university’s health center. Salari suggests that Student Health sets up nurse stations in the residence halls so students can have more consistent access to health care.

“I pay for the Gaucho Health Insurance, and sometimes I can’t even use it. I want to create a system [so] there are parts of the Student Health that operate after hours.”

Sam Malemed

Campus United

Sam Malamed, a first-year biology major, said his main focus is the rising level of student debt caused by high tuition and room and board costs. Malemed said he would work to stop tuition hikes and strengthen programs like the textbook buyback program, computer labs and other steps which would lower out-of-pocket costs for students.

“I don’t want fellow students to come out of college with massive amounts of student debt and be prepared for the world at the same time. I think what’s paramount here is an excellent education at an affordable price.”

Joel “Joey” Medina

Isla Vista Party

Joel Medina, a first-year biology major, wants to provide a gender-inclusive floor to each campus residence hall (currently, only San Nicolas has one). He also wants to institute a shuttle service for freshmen living in Santa Catalina, citing overcrowded buses as a major problem for students traveling to class.

“I have a few friends who are non-binary, or they’re more gender-queer, and they told me how they just don't feel comfortable being so apart from the people they have more in common with. They might be in a dorm where they don't like the excessive male or female energy. I think they want to live with people who are more like them, or [a dorm] that's more free to be inclusive with genders.”

Yash Nagpal

Campus United

Yash Nagpal, a first-year biology and political science double major, wants to focus on reducing out-of-pocket costs for students, creating an online dining portal and expanding the bike paths.

“I want to institute that online portal, which allows us to send swipes to our friends and allows us to use those extra meal swipes. This would also allow us to send suggestions to the dining halls if we wanted any specific foods or if we wanted to track our meal swipes to see if we have any extra at the end of the week.”


Ricardo Uribe

Isla Vista Party

Ricardo Uribe, a third-year political science major, wants to help students take care of their own mental health and dietary needs. He wants to start a meal ticket program that students could use to ensure they have food.

“Even if it’s just ‘I need to study in order not to think about food,’ I want to make sure that everyone has the chance to get food because we all should be doing well academically while not having to suffer in terms of not eating.”

Josh Takeuchi

Campus United

Josh Takeuchi, a third-year economics and accounting major, said he hopes to promote entrepreneurship among the students in the College of Letters & Science. Takeuchi said UCSB students lack a competitive edge when applying to internships, so he wants to create a “comprehensive” website that allows student-run businesses to post opportunities for fellow students to gain experience in businesses.

“I found how tough it was to get these hard competitive jobs. One of the main issues I saw within the College of Letters & Science was that a bunch of smart individuals within Letters and Science would not have the relevant experience to land these very competitive internships.”

Xochitl Briseño

Isla Vista Party

Xochitl Briseño, a second-year political science and Spanish double major, wants to expand Campus Learning and Assistive Services (CLAS) by allocating more funding to it. She also wants the Student Resource Building to provide more space to CLAS, along with organizations that advocate for historically underrepresented groups.

“I know lots of L&S senators in the past have run on this and been like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m going to create more CLAS!’ But specifically, I want more of our student fees to go to this. I don’t want to raise student fees, but I want the institution itself to fund these [resources].”

Allison Adam

Campus United

Allison Adam, a second-year political science major, wants to focus on helping students achieve professional, personal and academic success.

“We’re at this big research university, and any major can often feel left out of real-life work skills because we are a research university, so I want to create an alumni mentorship networking program to solidify students’ career paths. The number one way to get a job is internships and mentors.”

Emily Quach

Campus United

Emily Quach, a first-year political science major, said she would like to revamp G.O.L.D.’s waitlist system, program more events for freshmen, fight tuition hikes and increase funding to the UC by working with the EVPSA’s office.

“My biggest thing is, because I’m a fellow in the EVPSA office, I want to collaborate with the next EVPSA to continue to fight against tuition hikes and... to fund the UC.”


Alex Funk

Campus United

Alex Funk, a second-year engineering senator, said he wants to better integrate engineers into the “fabric” of UCSB culture because they currently “live in a bubble” of engineering. He suggested creating a Boards Commissions and Units specifically for engineering students’ needs. Funk also wants to focus on engineers’ mental health because of the Program’s academic rigor.

“One of the things that I really want to work on is to create opportunities for engineerings to gain real life work experience that directly benefits our school. I think that you should be able to be comfortable and happy here on campus now while still working towards your ultimate goal of pursuing a career in engineering if that is what your goal is.”


Juan Ornelas

Isla Vista Party

Juan Ornelas, a third-year psychology major, said he hopes to address students’ difficulties in getting the classes they need. He said one of his main focuses would be to extend Cal Grant A to fund summer classes. Ornelas said he also wants to organize more community programming for transfer students, who he feels may be hesitant to get involved.

“I live in Sierra Madre, which is where basically all the transfer students live in, and a big complaint that I hear from them is that there aren’t a lot of social orgs for transfer students. And I think it’s because we’re afraid to get out there because we feel like we’re behind.”

Nima Bencohen

Campus United

Nima Bencohen, a third-year psychological and brain sciences major, wants to bridge the gap between community college and UCSB for transfer students by increasing awareness of resources like CLAS and academic advising and improving student housing for transfer students.

“I feel like for most students, finding a place in I.V. to live, especially after transferring, is almost impossible because things are booked up three months ago, and I think it’s kind of important-you don’t feel as segregated if you live near everybody.”


Anthony Hernandez

Campus United

Anthony Hernandez, a third-year pre-communication and philosophy double major, wants to reinvent the orientation program for transfer students, who mostly live in university owned off-campus apartments, so that they have more of an understanding of what they’ll face at UCSB.

“I would say the big issue is that transfers don’t really get the same welcoming that their freshman counterparts do.”