Over eight decades in, it’s time for some self-reflection.

The Nexus’s origins date back to the year 1923, sharing student stories under the name of The Eagle. Since then, the newspaper has adopted five different names before settling on the Daily Nexus in 1971.

Much like its name, the Nexus has changed significantly over the years: Graduations, national crises and university upheavals have all altered the face of the newspaper, as well as the content we produce.

Today, more than ever, the Nexus staff is aware of the impact it has on UC Santa Barbara students through its stories. We understand how important diversity is in a college newsroom, and we want to be as transparent as possible about who we are as reporters and students.

Last quarter, the Nexus conducted an internal survey about the demographics of our editorial staff. The questions were anonymous and optional, and 28 editors completed the survey out of the Nexus’s 39-member staff.

The newspaper is currently in the process of transitioning in new editors for the next academic year. Some of our outgoing editors are still part of the staff, so we chose to leave in their responses.

As student journalists, we strive to be better storytellers and listeners each day because we are accountable to you, our peers. Through this survey, we hope to shed light on who we are and how we can become more inclusive in our staff and our content with each passing year.

Below are the results of our survey, which breaks down our newsroom. Survey results were collected and graphed by Labyrinth founder Phi Do and reporter Austin Quinn.

Number of Editors in Each Section

This is the only graph showing numbers for all 39 members as seen in our staff page. Subsequent visuals will reflect responses from the survey.



On the survey, the question asked, “What is your ethnicity?”, and provided a blank text box for editors to fill in. The graph below reflects their responses.

Year at UC Santa Barbara


Hours Contributed to the Daily Nexus Per Month

Years with the Daily Nexus