Lorenzo Basilio / Daily Nexus

I am so over this hypocritical world we live in. First, politicians promise measures that they can’t follow through on, like less taxes and more advancements to helping the environment. And now, my sorority sisters like to say that college is a great place because we’re all broke, yet five of my sisters bought tickets to L.E.D., Coachella, and EDC Vegas! The hypocrite of the year award doesn’t go to our executive branch here at UCSB, who promised “lower tuition,” but to Becky Squared, Rebecky, Brittani and Myrtle (aka “RaveMami69”).

Everyone has seen “High School Musical.” Aren’t we supposed to be “all in this together?” We complain about how ridiculous our sorority bills are getting and how annoying the freshmen are for not just taking one for the team and paying more to live in the house. I thought we were on the same page!

“Dues are ridiculous.”

“I’m broke as all hell.”

“I’m going to need a sugar daddy soon just to feed my coffee addiction.”

These are typical mantras we chant daily, and yet these backstabbing girls are going to all these concerts with VIP passes. Those tickets cost about $400 each, and that’s not even including outfits, transportation and yes, soooooooo many, uh, entertainment enhancers.

Catch my broke ass sipping on $1 7/11 coffee while they all get to meet Beyonce. Rude.


Sorority Sally is now opening up her Kickstarter to pay for her dues, so her money can go toward festivals.