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University of California President Janet Napolitano has called for guaranteed admission to all qualified community college students into the UC system, but not necessarily to students’ prefered campuses.

During a March 19 Town Hall in Los Angeles, held to commemorate the UC system’s 150th anniversary, Napolitano said this would be a “major leap” for the UC system.

Planning for this would be a combined effort with the Academic Senate and community college officials, according to Napolitano.

The UC Academic Senate, a systemwide governing body that approves and authorizes all courses and conditions for admissions, and other leaders would need to set standards for what courseloads potential students would need to take and the grades needed in order to receive admittance to a UC.

Shane White, chairman of the UC Academic Senate, said that faculty leaders would be allowed to adjust minimum GPAs and course requirements in order to keep the number of transfer students manageable.

Currently there approximately 216,700 undergraduates enrolled within the UC system, according to the UC website. Of those, about 41,900 are transfer students who transferred from a California community college (CCC).

Approximately 4,100 transfer students attend UC Santa Barbara out of a total of 22,180 undergraduate students according to Fall 2017 enrollment figures.

Six UC campuses currently offer a transfer admission guarantee (T.A.G.) to students from all CCCs as long as they meet the campus-specific requirements, according to the UC website. Only students who are directly transferring from a CCC are eligible for a T.A.G.

Students who have already earned a bachelor’s or graduate’s degree who have previously enrolled in a UC campus during regular term or who are currently enrolled in high school are not eligible for a T.A.G.

Some majors offered at UCSB, including all of the College of Creative Studies and College of Engineering majors, are currently excluded from a T.A.G. The Dance B.A., Dance B.F.A., Music B.M. and Theater B.F.A. are blocked off as well.

If the full guaranteed admission plan is implemented, guaranteed admission would be in place for fall 2019, according to Napolitano.

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