The Daily Nexus Winter Festival offered students a breather from midterms and moody weather. Live entertainment courtesy of Milk Drunk and Ned Flangers and Jordan Mitchell rocked Storke Tower, while Nexus artists drew free caricatures and henna tattoos. Festival goers were also able to get a taste of Woodstock’s pizza, while taking pictures and soaking up Nexus culture.

Photos by Daily Nexus Photographers.

Will Tran / Daily Nexus


A photo frame circulated around, offering a pretty border to document the event. Will Tran / Daily Nexus


Peyton Stotelymyre draws a caricature of a festival attendee. Will Tran / Daily Nexus


KCSB attended the festival, selling merchandise and promoting their annual Fund Drive. Will Tran / Daily Nexus


Carson Capps and Dylan Lyman of Ned Flangers rocks Storke Plaza with throwback hits and some of their own originals. Lianna Nakashima / Daily Nexus


Lianna Nakashima / Daily Nexus


Students watch live performances by some of UCSB’s artists. Lianna Nakashima / Daily Nexus

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