Unicorn frappuccinos and taiyaki cones stole the spotlight for food porn in 2017. A new year means the death of existing food trends and the birth of others that will leave us just as, or maybe even more disgusted, confused or shook as the last. Here are the unique foods that will not only challenge your palate, but also up your Instagram foodie game for 2018.


You knew it was coming. You may be rolling your eyes and thinking that the army of avocado toast, salads and burgers that came and conquered 2017 was just a passing fancy. But this fruit is adored by millennials and will continue to be incorporated in some new, crazy way that will pique your curiosity nonetheless.

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Buko Pies from Sari Sari Store

This Filipino dessert is a good photo op for LA residents and tourists alike. A custard pastry cream is mixed with fragrant slices of coconut and is surrounded by a buttery pie crust.

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Cheese Milk Tea from Happy Lemon

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Milk tea fans are intrigued by the frothy cloud of cream cheese and pinch of sea salt that floats on top of some freshly brewed black and green tea. Although it may sound odd at first, many claim that this unconventional pairing is actually delicious.

Dude Food from Ichibuns

Restaurants are trading traditional minimalistic Japanese food for umami-packed calorific drunk food inspired by the menus found in casual Izakaya bars. Deep-fried squid and crispy chicken skewers are staples in this indulgent and decadent style of eating.

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Edible Flower Salads from Kaia in The Ned

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. No sarcasm intended, for flowers are beginning to be tossed into healthy salads and dishes inspired by tropical climates to add floral notes to refreshing dishes while amping up the spring aesthetic.

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Freakshakes from Black Tap

These sugar-high monstrosities are sure to overrun your feed and your taste buds. The most notable milkshake flavors out of these sugary delights include Cotton Candy, Cookie and the Sweet-N-Salty and each is served stacked with pieces of cake and mountains of other toppings.

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Glittery Milkshakes from Shake Shack

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Shake Shack is launching a “strawberry blonde milkshake” topped with a swirl of whipped cream and a sprinkle of glitter. Even better, part of the proceeds will be donated to benefit dogs.

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Holey Cream Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

Located inside a snug parlor in New York, Holey Cream creates genius donut and ice cream combinations that will pacify any sugar cravings. Create your own donut masterpiece by choosing the donut, ice cream and toppings of your choice, and dig into your treat!

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Impossible Burger

Omnivores and vegetarians will be confused as they take a bite into this 100 percent plant-based burger that sandwiches a look-a-like “bleeding” meat patty in between two buns.

Courteys of @theimpossibleburger

Jian Bing from Bing Mi

Taiwanese night market foods are in trend, and jian bings are currently one of their more hipster-esque snacks. This thick, savory crepe is embedded with eggs, herbs and pickled vegetables and pairs well with soy sauce and fresh soy milk.

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Kouign-Amman from Dominique Ansel Bakery

The signature, high end croissant has a crispy caramelized exterior that encases delicate, buttery tiers of flaky pastry. Similar to making a croissant, it requires a labor intensive process of spreading butter over layers of dough and folding it. This currently obscure pastry also requires the sprinkling of sugar in between each layer to create the moist pockets of sweetness.

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Loaded French Fries from Fry Guys

Your friends hungover from last night will post pictures of these oozing fry-canos as their remedy of choice. Their bellies will be full from the guacamole, melted cheese, pulled pork, bacon and coleslaw dressed extravagantly on top of some shoestring fries.

Courtesy of @fryguysnyc

Magic Noodles from Thaimee

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but how the noodles change hue with a squeeze of lime juice is not. These gluten-free glass noodles are soaked in butterfly pea flower tea and later drained to create a fun, psychedelic salad.  

Courtesy of @thaimeetable

Naked Cookie Dough from Naked Dough

This indulgent cookie dough is just like the kind you make at home, except it comes with a salmonella-free guarantee. The safe-to-eat raw cookie dough is sure to “quell your cookie cravings.”

Courtesy of @_nakeddough

Oli Baba’s Halloumi Fries

These are a BIG upgrade from your microwavable mozzarella sticks. These deep-fried cheese sticks drizzled with za’atar yogurt are packed with Middle Eastern flavor with a combination of pomegranate seeds and a dash of sumac to give this cheesy dish a spicy kick.

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Pasta Dumplings from Raviolo

Debating between Dim Sum and Italian food? Eastern flavors crash with those from the west as you take a bite into these playful dumplings filled with Italian ingredients.

 Courtesy of @maracas

Queso from Queso Truck

Queso is a southern food staple and this L.A.-based food truck is turning the cheese dish into the next food trend. The queso is prepared in nine different ways and served with your choice of either fries, flour tortillas or tortilla chips. You can also dip some asparagus in it or savor it by itself by eating it with a spoon.

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Ramen Burger from Smorgasburg

The fusion of these two popular instant foods makes a savory combination containing a meat patty, arugula, cheese, their special sauce and scallions pressed between two rounds of grilled ramen.

 Courtesy of @ramenburger

Sushi Croissants from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

The signature, high end croissant has a crispy caramelized exterior that encases delicate, buttery tiers of flaky pastry. Similar to making a croissant, it requires a labor intensive process of spreading butter over layers of dough and folding it. This currently obscure pastry also requires the sprinkling of sugar in between each layer to create the moist pockets of sweetness.


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Tiramisu Soft Serve from CottonHi

A drizzle of mascarpone sauce and a sprinkle of cocoa tops the simple soft serve that is lodged with a large lady finger. A pipette of coffee is poured over it to melt the web of cotton candy below.

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Unicorn something

Need we say more? No matter how much you are over it, some version of a unicorn food is probably currently under construction and its emergence will once again turn social media into a food-crazed frenzy.

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Vegetarian Cheesesteak from Rooster Soup Co.

Created by chef Mike Solomonov, this gooey, broccolini based creation is a healthyish take on Philly’s comfort food. The broccolini is braised with spices, wine and tomato sauce to give it a meaty texture. Slices of provolone are toasted on a hoagie roll and served with French dip.

 Courtesy of Alex Lau


Inspired by 1950s Hong Kong street snacks, the egg waffle cone serves as a vessel for numerous ice cream flavors and colorful toppings.

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La Croix Sparkling Water

Fizzy H2O is now replacing traditional hydration methods. With La Croix’s trendy branding, the essential-oil-infused sparkling water is a staple among millennials.

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Yam Ice Cream

Better known as Ube, or purple yam, this unique ice cream flavor has gained momentum since last year and is known for its naturally deep but bright lavender color that makes it a must try for foodies.

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Zucchini and Other Superfoods

Important ingredients in the healthy eating phenomena, zucchini and other nutrient -rich foods such as quinoa and chia seeds will be incorporated in more dishes to cater towards the increasing number of people who have plant-based diets. Foods with super powders such as matcha, turmeric and maca root will also be added to restaurant menus.

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