Celebrities and media flocked to the Arlington Theatre as the 33rd Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival hit the red carpet. Big names like Willem Dafoe, Margot Robbie and Gary Oldman came to accept their honorees and awards, while directors and producers alike gathered for exclusive interviews. With movie premiers happening everyday for almost a week, the event drew large crowds from all over the world.

Photos by Daily Nexus Photographers


Willem Dafoe received the Cinema Vanguard Award this year for his role in “The Florida Project.” Siavash Ghadiri / Daily Nexus


Gary Oldman attends as an Honoree of the SBIFF Modern Master Award. Cameron Hsieh / Daily Nexus


Saoirse Ronan receives the Santa Barbara Award for her role in “Lady Bird.”  Dafan Huang / Daily Nexus


Allison Janney works the red carpet as she and “I, Tonya” co-star Margot Robbie are honored with SBIFF Outstanding Performers of the Year Award. Lianna Nakashima / Daily Nexus


Nominees curiously examine their trophies after the prize-awarding. Sicheng Wang / Daily Nexus


Jordan Peele, one of the Honorees for the SBIFF Outstanding Directors of the Year Award, chats with moderator Scott Feinberg about his recent film, “Get Out.” Andrea Verdugo / Daily Nexus


Brian Baumgartner is interviewed while walking down the red carpet. Harvest Keeney / Daily Nexus


From left to right, Rachele Schank, Brian Baumgartner, Luke Brandon Field and Anthony Sabet pose for a photo. They starred together in the new romantic comedy, “One Last Night.” Harvest Keeney / Daily Nexus


Emilio Estevez and Brewmaster Tim Crooks attend the after party of Opening Night for SBIFF, where Estevez premiered “The Public.”  Katelyn Zamudio / Daily Nexus


Allison Janney and Margot Robbie chat about their roles in “I, Tonya.” Lianna Nakashima / Daily Nexus


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