Welcome to The Labyrinth: the Nexus’s data journalism reporting section.

Our society, in large part, is driven by diverse and huge sets of data (i.e., stock markets, elections, public opinions, healthcare) generated annually by many public and private organizations like foundations, academia, think tanks, government agencies, media, and businesses. Understanding these can be difficult.

When placed in the right context, however, these numbers and their patterns can reveal penetrating insights about issues and events happening around us.

That’s why we created The Labyrinth, a section of the Nexus dedicated to parsing through all the clutter.

Sometimes you’ll see our work in other sections in the form of interactive media and data visuals. Occasionally, we’ll engage in investigative projects or develop web applications for journalism. Most of the time, we’re here blogging about stories the UCSB community may find important.

We’re all about transparency. That means we’ll let you know where we found our information and how we came to our conclusions. There may be times where data sets aren’t readily available, meaning we’ll have to mine and manage the information ourselves. We’ll let you know how we conducted our investigations as well.

Making sense of data is tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s showing you where your student fees are going or interpreting newly released information on Isla Vista crime statistics, we’re here to help you navigate through all the maze-like data and lead you to the real story.


Ultimately, we want to produce information that is informative and useful to you. So if you have feedback or questions to help us improve our reporting, please shoot us a message at data@dailynexus.com.  


Do you like making web apps? Creating data visuals? Using data and technology to tell stories? Come work with us! We’re always looking for new writers and developers to join our team. If you’re interested, you can email us at data@dailynexus.com.