It was a nail biter of a game last Monday, as the Alabama Crimson Tide clawed their way back from a 2nd half 13-0 deficit versus the Georgia Bulldogs. Alabama went on to win the College Football Playoff National Championship 26-23, in overtime, as they once again further their platform as the most dominant program in the modern day college football era.  

1) The 33rd NFL Team Award: Alabama Crimson Tide

Boasting an immense fan base, professional grade facilities, and continuously fielding a winning roster year in and year out, Alabama is sometimes referred to as the 33rd NFL team. Sure, the name alone can attract practically every single high school talent to their stadium. However, Alabama’s history as one of the most successful in the business can be directly compared to the NFL’s professional level. More specifically speaking, in just last year alone Alabama had the 2nd most players get selected to play with the big boys during the 2017 NFL Draft. With a total of 11 players going pro, and the lowest being an early 4th round draft pick, it’s easy to see why the Crimson Tide are as esteemed as they are. Jokes aside, as much as we want to see this very unlikely game to take place, there’s no way they’d win against the Cleveland Browns, c’mon.

2) The It’s A Georgia Thing Award: Georgia Bulldogs

Whether it’s blowing the lead in college football’s most important game of the year in front of national television or blowing an even bigger lead during Super Bowl LI, one thing is for sure: you’re probably a Georgia team. Yes, it hasn’t been a good year for football in the state of Georgia in general, and of course we’ve heard and seen all the 28-3 memes we can possibly bear, but on the bright side the underdog Bulldogs will have a great quarterback in true freshman Jake Fromm for at least another year.

3) The Coolest Quarterback in Town: Jake Fromm

Jake Fromm finished his first year in the college spotlight with a total 2615 yards, 24 touchdowns, and only 7 interceptions; resulting in a whopping 160.1 quarterback rating. Fromm is quite the young talent and his journey towards the national championship can only help towards his campaign in next year’s Heisman Trophy voting. And if you need any more evidence of how awesome Fromm is, here’s a GIF of him spinning the ball as he drops back in the pocket.

4) The Super Sub Award: Tua Tagovailoa

Before the game Tua probably visualized such a scenario to occur, but honestly he probably didn’t expect it to become a reality. Alabama’s starting quarterback, Jalen Hurts, had played phenomenal all season long for the Crimson Tide. However, once head coach Nick Saban saw Alabama’s chances at another national championship slipping away, he made the controversial decision to bench his star for a back up. Previous to this Tua hardly played any meaningful minutes, yet he still led his team to victory and posted 166 yards for 3 touchdowns and only a single interception. Talk about coming in clutch as the super sub.

5) The College GOAT? Award: Nick Saban

With perhaps only former Alabama head coach Bear Bryant in his way, Nick Saban definitely makes a case for potentially being the best college football head coach of all time. With an all time record of 218-62-1 (.778) and a 127-20 (.864) record in only his 11 seasons with Alabama, Saban has won 5 national titles and coached 2 Heisman winners alongside 46 First Team All-Americans. His overall knowledge and success with football has definitely cemented his name into the historic conversation, and unless an NFL team takes him away, then Alabama’s victories will only continue to pile up.

6) The Maybe We Should Pay College Athletes Award: Nick Saban’s Salary

$11.125 million to Saban alone, around $18 million total if you’re counting the rest of Alabama’s coaching staff; in this day and age where the NCAA keep getting rich while these and other student athletes sometimes question where their next meal may come from…you do the math.

7) Honorable Mention: Kendrick Lamar’s Halftime Performance

To sum it up: it was freaking awesome. I’m also biased and a huge Kendrick Lamar fan but that’s beside the point. We also got to see the new Black Panther trailer and talk about how Alabama is getting destroyed for once; overall, a night to remember in both college sports and entertainment altogether.