Via Lorenzo Basilio

The Commission on Welcoming Freshmen (CWF) has cut funding for their proposed program “Fresh Meat for Freshmen,” in which incoming first-year students would receive the fresh beef cut of their choice upon arrival. Many students and faculty attended the CWF’s open meeting to voice their concerns.

“It’s simply impractical,” Professor John Rinaldo of the Economics Department said. “Meat is expensive, it spoils quickly and these kids probably don’t know a tri-tip from a tenderloin.  And where exactly are they going to cook these anyways? The dorms aren’t exactly known for their luxurious kitchen spaces.”

Others were more concerned with the presentation of the program rather than the event itself. “What about our vegetarian and vegan students, or those that just abstain from beef for religious purposes?” third-year environmental studies major Sylvia Storm said. “Plus ‘freshman’ is, like, such a gendered term. They should totally use ‘first-year’ instead.” Members of the commission expressed their gratitude for the suggestions from the community.

However, parents of incoming first-years were disappointed to hear about the suspension of the program. “This was actually one of the main reasons my son committed this school. We will have to rethink his attendance now that the program is no longer included the tuition we are paying,” Kathy McMann, a self-proclaimed carnivore, said.

“Although I was really excited for this program, I understand now that it would be a logistical nightmare,” Carlos Jimenez, chair of the CWF, said. “If it weren’t for the involvement of the public, I might actually have thought I had a good idea for once.”

The CWF has not announced what it plans to do in place of the canceled program.


Emily Anne Williams is an incoming third-year who thinks we spend way too much money on programs that don’t involve sirloin.