Some people don’t identify with breakfast. Some find it a spiritual experience. Regardless of your breakfast identity, I recommend Uncle John’s Pancake House.

Taylor Sezen / Daily Nexus

Uncle John’s Pancake House is located in downtown Campbell, Calif. While this is not the original location, Uncle John’s has been around since the late 1950s in the Bay Area. Now, with this new Campbell location, people can enjoy Uncle John’s classic cuisine.

When I returned to Uncle John’s for Mother’s Day, I had never seen so many pancakes in my life. The restaurant was extremely busy — stack after stack came out of the kitchen, and butts filled every chair.

Upon this visit, I decided to try something new. I ordered the “chunky monkey” crepes. French crepes are very thin, whereas these were a bit thicker but not to the point of a pancake. They were fluffy and neatly folded with strawberries and bananas inside. To top it all off: Nutella, whipped cream and powdered sugar.

The location in Campbell has a clean diner feel to it. There are two bars by the kitchen, tables in the middle and booths against the wall. It is so popular that the wait time can sometimes be as long as one or two hours, so make sure to plan ahead. It is a welcoming environment with friendly employees who just make your day brighter.

The menu provided caters to both breakfast- and lunch-lovers alike. Depending on your mood, flip your menu over for a different array of foods. However, since Uncle John’s is a pancake house, I typically stick with the breakfast menu. There is much more to offer than just pancakes. As someone who prefers waffles over pancakes, this is a plus.

With a two-sided menu, customers have a solid number of choices without being completely overwhelmed (like the Cheesecake Factory’s pages of options). The first time I went to Uncle John’s Pancake House was with my mom over Spring Break. I ordered hot chocolate (a personal childhood favorite) and the berries and cream French toast. This delicious meal was prepared with brioche, strawberries, blueberries, a thick whipped cream and blueberry glaze. It is a very colorful and flavorful dish. The berries were a refreshing touch.

Because I was also craving something savory, I ordered a side of hash browns, which did not disappoint. These crispy potato concoctions were thoroughly cooked without onions inside. This is uncommon; I was pleasantly surprised.

So if you’re ever in the Bay Area, hit up Uncle John’s Pancake House; it is definitely worth your time.