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The inevitable time has come when seniors have to take down their Animal House posters and replace them with their college diplomas. That’s right: it’s college graduation. Before our seniors chug bottles of champagne during the commencement speech, however, they have to finally do the things they put off for four years but must accomplish before they leave. Here is the ultimate, most amazing, super fun, totally Gaucho, UCSB bucket list for graduating seniors:

1. Go to your academic advisor about your future.

Everyone loves talking about what their future plans are, so why not get one more appointment in at Cheadle Hall?

2. Table at the Arbor.

If you’ve never verbally accosted someone, try tabling at the Arbor! You’ll get to finally see what it’s like to be on the other side after avoiding them for so many years.

3. Study in a cubicle on the 8th floor.

Nothing says “exciting bucket list” like being completely and utterly silent while reading about quantum physics! This floor is the perfect place to check off getting dirty looks while trying to quietly eat chips.

4. Swim in the lagoon.

Did you somehow avoid getting an incurable disease for all of your four years? Well, forget your clean bill of health, and grab your swimmies!

5. Go to a frat party completely sober.

College is the last place where you can go to a MILFs and DILFs-themed party without actually being a parent and grind on Chad on an elevated surface. Going sober makes it all the better! Have fun dragging all the freshmen home!

Mia Roncati is a second-year who has no idea what to do after graduation, so she makes bucket lists instead.