The Nexus will be updating this page with live results from the Associated Students Election, which will be announced at The Hub in the UCen beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Update (6:30 p.m.): Election officials have indicated that results will be announced closer to 7:30 p.m.

Profiles of all 51 A.S. candidates can be found here.

President: Hieu Le (Campus United)

Internal Vice President: Jasmine Sandhu (Campus United)

External Vice President of Statewide Affairs: Kristin Hsu (Campus United)

External Vice President of Local Affairs: Batsheva Stoll (Campus United)

Student Advocate General: Jack Tannenbaum (Independent)

On-Campus Senators (Five Seats):

  1. Derek Yang (Campus United)
  2. Kia Sadeghi (Campus United)
  3. Jorge Santos (Isla Vista Party)
  4. Steven Ho (Isla Vista Party)
  5. Alexa Hernandez (Campus United)

Off-Campus Senators (12 Seats):

  1. Kristen Armellini (Campus United)
  2. Adham Btaddini (Campus United)
  3. Dhishal Jayasinghe (Campus United)
  4. Sophia Dycaico (Campus United)
  5. Sam Cook (Campus United)
  6. Anthony Pimentel (Campus United)
  7. Sami Kaayal (Isla Vista Party)
  8. Alison Sir (Campus United)
  9. Ilene Ochoa (Isla Vista Party)
  10. Brandon Morea (Isla Vista Party)
  11. Alexandra Gessesse (Isla Vista Party)
  12. Adnan Mansur (Campus United)

College of Letters & Science Senators (Four Seats):

  1.  Grecia Martinez (Isla Vista Party)
  2.  Brooke Kopel (Campus United)
  3.  Grayson Hernandez (Campus United)
  4.  Stoddy Carey (Campus United)

College of Engineering Senator (One Seat):

  1. Blake Diamond (Campus United)

College of Creative Studies Senator (One Seat):

  1. Sophia Uemura (Isla Vista Party)

University-Owned Housing Senator (One Seat):

  1. Andrea Reyes (Isla Vista Party)

Transfer Senator (One Seat):

  1. Kian Maalizadeh (Campus United)

Fee Reaffirmations:

All 33 reaffirmation bills passed.

New Fees:

  • Community Financial Fund (CFF) Increase: AFFIRMED
  • A.S. Legal Resource Center (LRC) Fee Increase: AFFIRMED