As finals week approaches, the desire to let out some of your stress in the form of a socially unacceptable shriek may threaten to overwhelm you. But never fear; there are several places around campus that have proven to be perfect for cathartic screaming.


1. The nooks on the cliff face at Campus Point

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These little cubbies are nature-made for hiding from your problems. Find one that isn’t crumbling and settle in for a good meltdown. The wind and the crashing waves will carry off your screams.

2. Girvetz

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This one only works at night. Let’s be honest, this hall already looks like the setting of a high school horror movie — the creepy lockers, flickering lights and mysterious messages left on the chalkboards are just waiting for one thing to complete the picture: you. So give your best blood-curdling scream and let the world know what a horror movie your life has become.

3. The Music Building’s practice room

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Probably the most soundproof spot on campus. If anyone happens to walk by and hear you, they’ll probably just assume that you really, really need to practice that trumpet.

4. Your pillow

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Sometimes it’s too hard to even get out of bed. This one is best done surrounded by loose papers, a couple textbooks that you just cracked open, an empty bottle of vodka and a half-eaten chocolate bar.

5. The middle of Storke Plaza in broad daylight

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Because why not own your pain? Tell anyone who doesn’t understand that it’s a performance piece for your art GE’s final project.


Zoey Brandt is a third-year English major whose preferred spot for cathartic screaming is a car going 80 mph down the freeway.