Okay, so I had a week to simmer down about the drastic lack of surf last weekend. Now, I will say, the surf is not as bad as last week — but that doesn’t mean it’s good. Come on y’all, I flew all the way from New Orleans and this is my reward? That’s like, half the United States, six hours with a layover, both flights middle seat. I mean, just look at it:

Friday: 1 to 2 feet, better conditions in afternoon

Saturday: 1 to 2 feet, better conditions in morning

Sunday: 1 to 2 feet, better conditions in morning

Surfline predicts ankle to waist high waves with the WNW swell easing from Friday to Sunday.

Pathetic. What the hell, guys? Who has upset the swell gods? Who has disrespected the great mistress, the ocean queen herself?

I am not angry; I am just disappointed. I just wanted a nice weekend with just a few good sets. I don’t ask for much, I am a simple girl with simple needs for adequate surf.

To whoever is controlling the weather and waves: get your shit together. Please. Let’s do better next week, okay? That’s all I ask for.