Over 100 University of California employees reportedly violated UC sexual violence and harassment policies since 2013, according to documents obtained by the Daily Californian newspaper on Tuesday.

Approximately one-third of the faculty, staff and coaches named in the documents still work for the UC, according to the Daily CalThe UC released “hundreds of pages of documents” in response to the newspaper’s California Public Records Act request.

The Daily Cal listed three cases from the documents in their initial report, including one UC Santa Barbara professor.

Gurinder Singh Mann, a UCSB professor of Sikh studies, allegedly asked a student to lie on his bed and then proceeded to put his hand under her shirt, according to the Daily Cal.

The Daily Cal reported that Singh Mann kept his job following the alleged sexual misconduct violation. Allison Brysk, UCSB global studies department chair, told the Nexus on Tuesday that Singh Mann is no longer a member of the university faculty after retiring in 2015.

The Nexus received the documents Wednesday morning and is currently sorting through them to determine further details.

Andrea Estrada, UCSB spokesperson, said Tuesday that Chancellor Henry T. Yang will release an official statement “as soon as possible.”

Claire Doan, UC spokesperson, told the Daily Cal that the documented cases run from January 2013 to April 2016. She said many of the sexual misconduct policies during that time period are no longer in place.

“We’ve made so many drastic and significant improvements over the past two and a half years … that we are able to provide more clarity [and] more fairness … when it comes to these investigations,” she said.

According to the Daily Cal, the documents also revealed that Rudy Thomas, a former UC San Diego athletics director, allegedly touched the breast and genital area of a female client he was training. The Daily Cal said he allegedly hugged and kissed her on the mouth after she attempted to leave.

According to the Daily Cal, UCLA French studies professor Eric Gans reportedly sent an email to a graduate student saying, “There is no doubt an asymmetry in our affection … The only girl in all my years I cannot think of without tears.”

“It’s rampant,” Kristen Glasgow, a UCLA graduate student who filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the university alleging that history professor Gabriel Piterberg had harassed her, told the Daily Cal in November, “I know more women who have gone through it than who haven’t.”

The Daily Cal reported that seven percent of the cases listed in the documents involved sexual assault. According to the Daily Cal, 25 percent of the violators were UC faculty and 35 percent of the complaints were filed by students.

Updated 12:15 p.m. Wednesday