I.V. Surfrider is hosting the first-ever Isla Vista Benefit Surf Contest on Saturday.

The contest will be held at Dreamies, the reef break to the right of Dogshit Park, where the audience will view the competition. Individuals and teams of five will compete from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, organizers plan to move the contest to the Devereux stairs and relocate the audience and judging panel to the beach.

The fee is $6 for individual surfers and $25 for teams of five. Organizers ask that teams representing Greek houses contribute a $150 buy-in donation. The contest proceeds will fund I.V. Surfrider’s purchase and distribution of reusable party cups made entirely from recycled plastic.

Teams and individuals will be ranked by a judging panel at the competition, and the winning team will get extra cups as well as a trophy. According to I.V. Surfrider, however, the contest is comprised solely of “expression sessions,” and organizers will accept boards “of all shapes and sizes.”

There are currently four teams and one individual competing on Saturday. Surfrider will be accepting late registration of teams until 11 a.m. Saturday, and approximately five individuals will be able to sign up on the day of the contest. A late fee charge of $2 per person will apply.

Benny Drescher, a third-year environmental science major, organized and came up with the idea of this year’s fundraiser due to previous challenges of financing the recyclable cups.

Drescher said he sought funding from various committees under Associated Students — I.V. Community Relations Committee, the Community Affairs Board and the Coastal Fund — but each group did not want to support the event.

“They all had their own different reasons for rejecting the project, ranging from not wanting to be affiliated with any possible promotion of underage drinking to not wanting to fund merchandise,” he said.

I.V. Surfrider organizers hope they will develop enough interest in the cups that students will be willing to contribute to a community-organized purchase of more.

“If this event continues to occur, we hope to use the funds for different projects in Surfrider or hopefully to donate to organizations that we think do really good activism,” Drescher said.

According to press release from I.V. Surfrider, circulation of the cups will be an effort to “engage the community in building a more sustainable party culture in Isla Vista.” Excess contributions will be donated to the Rainforest Action Network to benefit their Climate Action Fund.