What up, brahs? Knew you’d be back again for the inside on catching the insides this weekend. Now, because of the overwhelming demand on my surf expertise, I have decided to bless ya with yet another completely accurate compilation of my surf report. If y’all didn’t catch that last bit of sarcasm, I wish you the best with reading the rest of this and hope you know these are surf predictions, not something to bet your life on.

In any case, let’s move on to the nitty gritty. Now, the west-northwest swell (WNW) is making an appearance this weekend, meaning those ocean storms are still blowing over here. It’s not the strongest surge, but it’s definitely causing some waves for us.

So let’s take a look at the three amigos, shall we?

Friday: best swells, worst weather; 4-6 feet, largest waves in the p.m.

Saturday: average swells, average weather; 3-5 feet, better surf in the a.m.

Sunday: eh swells, but great weather; 1-3 feet all day

Now, before you go running off asking the paddle boarders for some wax (please don’t), let me warn you about the rain coming on Friday. Oftentimes, rain means bacterial runoff being really present in the water during and after first day of rain. I know your surfing urges plunge you into the water despite possible sickness, but please be careful. Take care of yourself for finals, okay? Don’t say I never warned the freshies. Have a swell weekend!