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It’s the time of the year that every college student dreams of after Finals Week: winter break at home. No exams, homemade food and (hopefully) your own room. The only thing that can ruin it? Your high school graduating class. You thought you would never see them again after you threw your cap in the air, but if you go home for the holidays, you are bound to see at least 60 percent of your graduating class at some point. If seeing kids from high school gives you PTSD and makes you feel as if Finals Week was a healthier environment for you, here are some tips on how to easily avoid everyone you used to know.

1. Don’t go to your local Starbucks

Let’s be real: Everyone goes to Starbucks, especially when peppermint mochas are out in holiday cups. The last person you want to see in line before you’ve even had your morning joe is Kelsey from art class who raves about how she got into some acting program at some schmancy school. Let’s also be real: There are probably 10 other Starbucks in a five-mile radius, so not going to the one in your hometown won’t be so hard. Mobile order will come in clutch here.

2. Don’t wear your alma mater clothes

I know all you want to wear when you get home are seriously baggy sweatshirts and t-shirts you got throughout your four years. I know you’re still impressed with how fast you ran in whatever track event that got you that shirt, but just wear it at home. Your mom will be impressed, I promise. That branded high school name is the quickest and easiest way for someone to spot you and maybe even put the pieces together to recognize you. And this tip won’t just help you avoid ex-peers; moms love talking to kids who went to the same school as their child. Trust me, they WILL ask how college is going, and, trust me, they for some reason don’t want to hear that you can now shotgun a beer without spilling some on yourself.

3. Go to the gym at odd hours

Everyone and their mother takes the free time over break to get fit and look really good before going back to school. Prime gym times are Saturday/Sunday morning and any weekday before dinner. Try going at 7 a.m. or 2 p.m. on a Saturday when everyone you know is actually living their lives and doing something fun with the friends you want to avoid.

4. Never leave your house

Self-explanatory. Never seeing anyone limits the opportunity to see someone from your past. If anyone questions your motives, just start singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Nothing really brings you into the holiday spirit like 70 degree weather.

5. Pretend you died

Avoid social media and have your mom wear black for most of the break to really sell the fact that you’re dead. If anyone sees you out and about, they’ll think they’re going crazy and seeing a ghost. No one wants to attempt to talk to a ghost about how their life is going or if they have a significant other.

Mia Roncati is a second year who totally isn’t attached to her high school years. (Go Norsemen.)